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Adding Maps to Quake 1

I've been meaning to post this for a couple of days, since a few people have
asked. Basically, this is a quick writeup of how to get bots and deathmatch
maps into Quake 1 for Dreamcast. This is from memory, as I'm at work, but
I'll correct any mistakes tonight.

I'm assuming you know how to write a self-booting disk. If not, there are
many guides available that are far more detailed than I could be here. The
only difficultly you may have is getting an IP.Bin file. I got it by
dumping an ISO of the CD, and snipping out the first 32k with a hex editor.
You may be able to come up with an easier way.

Anyway, the first thing to do is to copy the files off the CD onto your hard
drive. You'll see a couple of files in the root directory, plus Pak0.pak
and Pak1.pak in the ID directory. These two files are the ones you need to

Find a Quake site on the net (I used and get a copy of QPed - a Quake 1 Pak editor.
Also, get a copy of the "Reaper Bot" mod, plus any level files you wish to

In the Reaper Bot zip file, you'll find an autoexec.cfg file, and a
progs.dat file.

First the autoexec.cfg. You can use this as it is, or you can modify it to
change the defaults for the controls. The two main things you'll probably
want to add to the bottom of this file are:

m_pitch -0.022000

Which will invert the Y axis on the stick, and:

cl_backspeed 400.000000
cl_forwardspeed 400.000000

Which will set "Always Run" to on.

You may also want:

crosshair 1

To give you an on-screen crosshair. Very useful in Deathmatch.

Once you've modified this as you want it, open up the Pak0.pak file using
QPed (make sure you make the file writable first - it will be read only as
you get it off the CD). You'll see a number of files in the Pak file.
First, delete the progs.dat file from the root folder, then drag the Reaper
Bot progs.dat and your autoexec.cfg file into the root. Save the modified
Pak file.

Now, if you have any maps you want to add, open up Pak1.pak, and drop the
.bsp files into the "maps" folder.

You're now ready to burn the CD. Just follow the instructions in your self
boot guide.

Once that's done, boot up the game. Use the ' key on your DC keyboard to
bring down the console, and type "map dm1" (or whatever map you want to
load). You can now use the "b" key to add bots. See the Reaper bot readme
for more commands.

Any questions, then follow up or drop me a mail.

credit to james sutherland

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