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GYPPlay Burning Guide for Nero


1. Download Gyplayer V1.1 from DCEMU.

2. Unzip using Winzip. Extract to a new folder.

3. After unzipping you should have a wince folder , Ogdtex.pvr , 1stread.bin , Gyplay , ip.bin and a readme file.

4.  Now get your movie file that you wish to use . They must be the following format :

.mpeg (MPEG-1 only)

.m1v (MPEG-1 video, no audio)

.asf (no odd codecs!  MPEG-4/DivX is NOT supported!)

.sfd (v1.01 SFD format works, but no audio.  Newer SFDs not supported.)

.avi (no odd codecs!)

.dat (MPEG-1 only)

There are various tools to covert  to other formats such as TMPGENC but if I have a .dat file I usually just rename the extension to  .mpg.

5. Add the movie file to the folder with the gyplayer tools.

6. Open NERO and set the file options as below

7 . Click the NEW button then highlight all the gyplayer and movie files and drag then into the box on the left.

8. Click the WRITE button ( Small cd on fire icon in the toolbar )

9. When cd is burnt use the UTOPIA boot disc then insert your gyplay movie cd.

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