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Self Booting DreamSNES 0.9.8 With Selfboot

Download Selfboot. Install it to C:\Selfboot.

Create the directory dreamsnes on your C dive (C:\dreamsnes).

Download, extract dreamsnes0.9.8.

Put everything from the dreamsnes-0.9.8 "cd" folder into C:\dreamsnes. There should now be 1dsnes.sh4, ip.bin and 4 folders called roms, sound, local & gfx in C:\dreamsnes.

Put your unzipped Super Nintendo roms into the "roms" folder.

Download Krypt's roms list creator. Run romlst.exe, click the "truncate filenames at 31 chars" box, browse to C:\dreamsnes\roms then click the "Make ROMS.LST" button.

Put your favorite mp3s in the sound folder (C:\dreamsnes\sound).

Click on Selfboot.exe. Browse to C:\dreamsnes and click OK. Click the DiscJuggler button to create a cdi image, click the NERO (tao) or NERO (dao) button to create a NERO image.

Once the image is made, start up your burning program of choice & select burn image.