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DJ General Burning Guide




1. A lot of peoples writers may not be disc juggler compatible but its a good idea to check out  and see if your writer works with disc juggler.

2. Also check out and see if theres any firmware updates for your recorder .

3. Check and update your aspi files from

4. Try updating  Disc juggler to version 3 . You can only burn at 1x when using the free trial version though.

5. If your writers not compatible you can always download JINXTERS generic driver from the  STUFF FOR NEWBIES section at DCEMU and give that a try. But take note of the warning in his readme file.


DRIVER ) The Author accept no responsiblity for any damage created by using this driver, it is supplied as is - By using this driver you accept liability .... if you don't don't use it ! This is a generic driver that should enable your drive to write the images if they can cope with the necessary settings ... basically if this doesn't work it'll require some kind of firmware upgrade to get your writer to work with DJ in the required way.Just unzip this file into your DJ folder and over-write the existing PFC file there ... open the file and alter the settings as necessary ... any problems let me know ASAP, also let me know if successfull.

If everything has been updated correctly (See PCF file)the DESTINATION under DJ will show "Jinxter Ghost Driver (Bus xx,xx)"Cheers Jinxter

6.You can also download CDIFIX 0.3a from the NEEDED TOOLS SECTION at DCEMU and see if that fixes any of the these problems , illegal field in command descriptor block or buffer underuns.

So if after trying  any of the above options and you still have no luck in burning any DC EMU'S  you will have to download a .cdi image converter.

7. Download either CDI To Nero 09b3DAO  or  CDIRIP04  from the NEEDED TOOLS section at dcemu. These will convert your disc juggler images.


This seems to be a much repeated phrase and a lot of people assume that their writers not compatible when the solution is real simple . All you got to do is insert a blank cdr into your writer before the START button can be pressed

The START button is grayed and cannot be pressed.

 With a blank cdr inserted the button can now be pressed.

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