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DC Mp3 Burning Tutorial

By Fett

This is a tutorial on how to burn STRAT76's excellent mp3 player for the dreamcast . I hope this will help a few people who havent tried burning this yet or are newbies to the dc dev/emu scene.

1.  Download DCMP3 v.1.13 from . ( 2.72mb download )

2.  Unzip using winzip  which if you dont already have it  can be downloaded from

3. After unzipping you should have the following  : Wince , mp3, 1st read.bin , cube , Dcmp3 , ip.bin and a readme file. 

4.  Place all your mp3's in the mp3 folder (Obvious really) you can get up to 644mb worth of mp3's on a 74 minute cd  ( Bear in mind you need space for the wince , ipbin , cube .mp3, 1st read.bin , cube , Dcmp3  which comes  to about 4.82mb )

Burning Instructions


1. Open diskjuggler and select new file then the option CD pre mastering to dc recorder. Screen Shot

2. Click the explorer tab and select your Dcmp3 folder. Then highlight all the files and drag them into the box below. Screen Shot

3. Click the Cd recording option and select MODE 1 and change the action to WRITE. leave everything else alone. If you have the demo version of D/J you will have to burn at 1x. Screen Shot

4 . Insert bank cdr into writer now the start button will be highlighted ( Many people cant get d/j working when the only problem is that you have to have a blank cdr in the writer before the start button will become selectable ) Screen Shot

5. After finished burning insert the UTOPIA boot disc into your dreamcast then insert the dcmp3 . Screen Shot

NERO  (Taken from the readme file supplied by strat)

1. Burn all files in the zip to cdr root + your mp3 files in a mp3 dir. Make sure you have the "use folder names" option enabled when extracting the zip. The disc should have a WINCE dir, MP3 dir and dcmp3.exe, 1st_read.bin, cube, ip.bin in the root.

2. File options: Mode1, ISO level2, joliet. (I use Nero)

3. Boot with Utopia bootdisc, then swap to DCMP3 disc.

4. Use the pad to select song/m3p and press A .


1.  Select easy cd  creator then select the data option

2. Select all the DCMP3 files and drag and drop them into the easy cd window below.

3. Select the record button (RED ONE)

4. after burning insert the UTOPIA bootdisc into your dreamcast then insert your dcmp3 cd.


. Select the data option and either drag and drop all the dcmp3 files into the main hotburn screen or use the browse option and select them all .

Hotburn will just burn it without needing any options.

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