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DC Emulation Terms

Boot disc = A disc used to boot emulators. DC Hakker and Demo menu are the best boot discs. Utopia boot CD is older and mainly used to boot WinCE emulators.

Selfboot = A selfboot CD will boot in a Dreamcast with out the need of a boot disc.

CD image = The easiest way to burn an emulator. A CD image contains an emulator in a ready to burn format. If you use a CD image you will have to burn your roms on a separate disc. 

Plain Files = These are the emulator files. You can use them to make your own selfboot disc. You can also boot them with a boot disc.

Sbi = Sbi allows for multiple emulators, games, demos and apps to easily be combined into an attractive menu.

Binary = The emulator program. Usually named 1st_read.bin

Scrambled = A selfboot emulator disc must contain a scrambled binary. Scrambled binaries can also be booted with Demo menu and DC Hakker. 

Unscrambled = Unscrambled binaries are used for Dream Inducer and the Utopia boot CD. They can also be uploaded to the Dreamcast via BBA or coders cable, or booted with Demo menu or DC Hakker.

Elf = An elf file can be uploaded to the DC via BBA or coders cable. You can convert an elf file into an .bin file by following this tutorial.

CDRecord = Free burning software.

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