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Burning The Roms Cd

Many of you are wondering how the heck do you burn the roms cd. You want to play the snes games on your dreamcast but this roms cd is confusing you. To tell you the truth its really easy.

Instead of giving you settings and that whole confusing thing that you have been trying to do. I give you a NERO settings file that contains the correct settings needed to burn the roms disk.

Download this file to grab the settings.

Just open it up in nero.

Ok, you may see folders and etc after the open the settings file. These folders are just pretend ones. I will tell you where to put the roms depending on what emulator you are going to run.

DreamSnes = put in a folder called roms.
Sintendo = I believe this goes into the roms directory.
Ngine Snes9x = Also goes in the base directory.

Gleam = You need to put the roms directory.

Boob!Boy = you need to put them in the base directory.

If any of the info here is incorrect please tell me other wise.

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