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Adding Dummy Files With Nero

By adding a dummy file you can:

1.       Speed up loading times

2.       Prolong the life of your Dreamcast’s Motor

NEEDED TOOLS (527K) (14.2K)

Nero5X (4988K)

Using ISOBuster open the .NRG file select the .NRG file type in the open image file window and extract the contents to a desired folder.

Find the total size of the folder by right clicking the folder icon and click properties.

Standard Cdr = 650Megs

650 Minus the folder size = required Dummy file size (Please note you do not need to fill all 650 megabytes worth of space on a Cdr (Its is generally recommended to at least use 225 megabytes))

Now use the application called NEWFILE; open a DOS window and type:

Newfile [total byte size for required dummy file]      (e.g. if 100 megabytes is needed type in 100000000)

This process will create a 00DUMMY.DAT file in the directory where NEWFILE was un-zipped to.

Drag this Dummy file to the folder where you extracted the .NRG files

T o Burn the Files:

Start up Nero 5x then select File – New – CD-Rom (ISO)

Select the Multi-Session tab, then choose the No Multi-Session radio button

Select the File Options tab, then if any of the files are named with 8 characters or less select the ISO Level 1 radio button if the names exceed 8 characters select the ISO Level 2 radio button. The format will always be mode 1, and character set should be ISO 9660 and the Joilet radio button should also be selected.

If the CD is to have a name enter it in the Volume Descriptor

Leave the dates tab as default

In the Burn tab only select the Finalize and Write options leave the others un-checked

Click on New


Next Drag all of the ISOBusted .NRG files and Dummy file from the folder you created earlier to the ISO window.

Highlight all files except the Dummy file, then while still highlighted right click the files and select Properties – Priority – High, if there are folders within the files prioritise those as High too.

Now highlight the Dummy file and using the same process select its priority as Low.

Now click the Burn Image button and agree to the confirmation screen !!!

Created by Matt “The Kron” G

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