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Post by majorpbx »

Another Triforce dump that matches MAME.

Media ID: F478
Media Config: GD-ROM1/1
Regions: J
Peripheral String: 0000000
Product Number: GDT-0008B
Version: V3.000
Release Date: 20031010
Manufacturer ID:
Mould SID Code: IFPI 39B7
Inner Ring Code: GDT-0008B 21MS1 C 3X
Mastering SID Code: IFPI L223
PIC Outer Label: GDT-0008
PIC Chip Stamp:
PIC Chip Type: PIC16F628A-1/P After market PIC
PIC DES Key: E0B9043E4C4F40BC

Hardware: Dreamcast USA HKT-3020 (1) with Broadband HIT-0400
Software: httpd-ack-20080711 on Windows 10 with Chrome, and custom PowerShell script

Code: Select all

1 0 4 2352 track01.bin 0
2 1039 0 2352 track02.raw 0
3 45000 4 2352 track03.bin 0
disc.gdi size 88 crc fd2058ee md5 a4bdce1eb85987faa1eddcd93d1dc2f8 sha1 7d414ecd3f5742c0d8e34dda6bd585648ad3451c
YAKYU_Encrypted.bin size 519045120 crc c32aaa18 md5 221bec419f83d85e1db3fe9b237e0bd5 sha1 a75ab4743290144af74225a03391384241ec3400
YAKYU_Unencrypted.bin size 519045120 crc 2d9fd8db md5 6f6884c5dcd3e44fe0d3a42bf3b826a7 sha1 def20af0026f638c894a2d4d7be1b12082774165
GDT-0008B.chd size 420078820 crc 207e2476 md5 ebe978c0895fede2f9cae6c67e8a066e sha1 edb84f70b567b76669bda5ace6e6e5e78c246cf2 MAME-sha1 ecbf8589fc973bf121b53c3c27122a7c6ff22d8d
track01.bin size 2090928 crc 85ffc015 md5 4fa82f9140542a02de6c6000d7444089 sha1 2a9d17390e98b98ac5d780052f8db4c718d6da0c
track02.raw size 3179904 crc 56477c34 md5 5c2c2bb0127966a6298f2ea402a907cb sha1 0e8b87d96b27fc46f4bcbde63b28f753dee95d02
track03.bin size 1185760800 crc 68b0d700 md5 9cd3170b4fb9a95a0d49e6534b8d87bc sha1 1586fa1ae3a34b54a8e1fce7e83866349de15d05
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Re: [Triforce] GEKITOU PURO YAKYU [GDT-0008B]

Post by Maddog »

Matches extracted MAME 0.244 CHD.
Will appear in the next dats.
Thank you majorpbx! :D
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