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Post by Nologic » Fri Dec 14, 2007 8:30 am

Clipped the thread eh...always trying to look good even tho your a two faced punk, taking credit for the work of others.

I'm still curious about your one comment about me not being in the know about stuff. If you where referring to DC history...you would be totally correct there as I know nothing about it really.

Past that I think your talking out of your ass. You think this is the first time I made copies of optical media? You think I didn't do some basic research on dumping for the DC prior or during my stint here? Your in collage right...so that would mean I was banging out code on trash-80's and the like while you where still in diapers.

I take it I'm suppose to be impressed by your tech skills from that batch script you stole...clearly you stole it as if you had the actual skills to write it, you would have wrote one to automate the creation of CUE files for use with the GDI's...but you haven't. Matter fact you haven't done anything to speed things along or to improve stuff...you've just being sitting on the side lines sucking up all the glory.

Further why the hell is there not only CRC32 but MD4 & SHA-1 checksums for files dumped...this gots to be clearly for show as its worthless. With CRC32 its like 1 in a million same size files will return the same sums...MD5 gets even more absurd...and SHA-1 dear god...so if looking to be as anal as can be...SHA-1 is very well over the top by its self...yet we got the other two checksums...clearly someone is trying to look cool...or is completely ignorant about things. All I see is shit being made less humanly readable...and hence more difficult to maintain.

Oh while we are on the discussion of checksums...I find it interesting that TOSEC and you use ClMamePro to create your checksums when its constantly having bugs fixed and under constant development where I used FSum to generate my checksums...which has been a security favorite for some time, and supports some ungodly hash types...but oh well...I know nothing right...hmm
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