Lock me :)

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Lock me :)

Post by Nologic » Fri Oct 05, 2007 8:43 pm

Hey guys look little Darcy learned a new trick...he can lock threads now....every one hail down praise to his new found ability to avoid being shown to be the lying hunk of shit he is. :) wOOt!

Okay Darc pop quiz what was the last issue being brought up before the purge...did you answer the fact that dumps where being slow to be checked? If so you would be correct.

Now does that sound like I'm having epenis issues over who has more games?...it doesn't...wow good for you...you got another one right.

So you keep going on about how this is an epenis thing for me...when actually it dealt with how I & others where treated...and how butt ass slow things where going when they shouldn't be.