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Post by darcagn » Fri Oct 05, 2007 7:16 pm

Nologic wrote:As to why…how about a 170 reasons to your 6..aditionally as far as I’m aware I’ve dumped more games than the rest of the former Dumpcast crew combined…and it’s also the bulk of the current tosec dumps are verified based off my dumps. I would say I should have SAY in things regardless of any affiliations based on those facts alone.
And the former Dumpcast crew combined has less than some TOSEC people have, i.e. Maddog has over 400 IIRC. Remember, we only discussed who had what USA titles.
Nologic wrote:Let’s see achmed had what 200 non-dups…and I at the time had 170 non-dups not including the small handful of euro & jap games…so far as I’m aware only achmed superseded me…tho I do wonder if he still does. Anyways so in reality only one person any where superseded me.
ackmed has every USA title with the exception of maybe 10 that weren't able to be dumped. This forum's submission area is not the only place where dumps were submitted. A lot of submissions were DCCed straight to Maddog.
Nologic wrote:Hmm calling me crazy because I take issue with your disrespect and misleading of others…as you show here by admitting you lied. You get mild props for admitting doing wrong…but you still did wrong.
I didn't like, I forgot. :roll:
Nologic wrote:I personally see no reason for the removal of my uploader status…as the site was for uploading DC images…and frankly I had uploaded nothing but…dumpcast or tosec be damned.
For someone to go nuts and delete all of his submissions, I considered it a security problem to have him as uploader.
Nologic wrote:As for you not having me banned…I find that hard to believe as it was you pulling Saosin’s strings for so long…and your known to lie.
When did I pull Saosin's strings? By having you removed as an uploader when he was 100% behind my project? :roll:
Nologic wrote:Your right I wanted to me somebody…I didn’t want to be your nigger or tosec’s & simply be told what to do and be expected to do it.
If you can't follow the standards of a project why should you be considered an asset to a project?
Nologic wrote:Frankly I had no idea if anyone at tosec at the time superseded me in non-dups…and actually for total discs…I at the time had far more than achmed…so depending how you want to view things…achmed was or wasn’t superior.

Plenty of people have and still do, but they get trickle-added to the database for distribution purposes. TOSEC ISO does a lot more than just DC games.
Nologic wrote:My main issue with it…was that I wasn’t asked, and bullshit was spread that everyone had kissed and made up…funny I don’t recall any of that kissing…nor does Mozgus…so it must have been only you and maddog engaged as lovers.
Everyone who was in IRC kissed, made up, and had crazy gay sex, but you weren't there for it. ;)
Nologic wrote:Your failure to rebuild is highly subject to methods used…and frankly I have yet to see where the new method is shown to be more accurate…all I know is that httpdach tends not to fail as often during dumps.
Methods used? All you have to do is remove the ECC and append the dummy sectors to the end. Worked for many games, didn't work for others, only worked for some tracks on others. Hex editing showed that game data was bad.
Nologic wrote:Hmm yeah your project…and wow it went from a screaming success to a low hum because of your guys picks in how to do things, and in which walk over those looking to assist. Your cheap cop out is not reassuring for anyone.
From 0 verified dumps to 184... sounds like a really bad decision.
Nologic wrote:So thanks for fucking up a good thing for everyone.

I fucked up a good thing for you, I guess, when it comes to letting you be the big man. Other than that, I think we're doing fine.