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Post by Nologic » Sat Jul 14, 2007 1:41 am

hmm the list above is off by 15-20+ games...but oh well.

The games I had should be removed from the thread head...as for one I no longer have them, and what dumps I have will not be shared.

I would like to thank Maddog tho for being such a lazy fuck that it prevented me from blowing through my game inventory.

Why am I giving him thanks, because without him I never would have seen past the money I invested in this project...to truly see what kind of fuck head was in charge of Dumpcast. So thanks.

Darc...you got to be without a doubt the village idiot...you keep going on about all that matters is getting a completed game set...yet you forget the most basic of things...to get those completed game sets...you need games.

Alienating those that have games isn't that bright, second talking shit about those people isn't that bright ether...and for the love of god quoting your self and others talking shit about them, then sending it in PM's to them is flat ass stupid.

You rambled on about how I'm going to cost TOSEC money...no dumb ass you costed them money by your actions and your actions alone.

I personally find it in bad taste that you look to them to clean up the mess you created, without you bearing any financial burden.

I would have harpped about you costing me money...but in all honesty my step-sons enjoyed getting the games...so it wasn't money wasted for me in the end.

I'm personally unsure why TOSEC tolerates you...you have nothing of value, you've done really nothing productive...you've admitted to collecting data on others, you have without thought leaked info that actively identifies some one. So clearly your not worthy of simple trust...so I'm left in rather a haze as to why...which is further compounded...blah who cares...if they want you...they can have you.

All I can see is that you have actively sabotaged things, right from the get go.
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