RAYBLADE TRIAL1 (J) [6107747]

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RAYBLADE TRIAL1 (J) [6107747]

Post by majorpbx » Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:50 pm

This is a trial version of RayBlade.

Media ID: FC66
Media Config: GD-ROM1/1
Regions: J
Peripheral String: 0019000
Product Number: 6107747
Version: V1.002
Release Date: 19991222
Manufacturer ID: SEGA LC-T-422
Mould SID Code: IFPI 4429
Inner Ring Code: 610-7747-0302 MT B01
Mastering SID Code: IFPI L262

Hardware: Dreamcast USA HKT-3020 (1) with Broadband HIT-0400
Software: httpd-ack-20080711 on Windows 10 with Chrome, and custom PowerShell script

Code: Select all

1 0 4 2352 track01.bin 0
2 450 0 2352 track02.raw 0
3 45000 4 2352 track03.bin 0
4 244266 0 2352 track04.raw 0
5 244791 4 2352 track05.bin 0
disc.gdi size 149 crc e62187a3 md5 8cd76f59581e76fa4540a0d9ae6b30a2 sha1 f670bd6a9296849f5ef290cd53899b60fa5399d0
track01.bin size 705600 crc 3ecba194 md5 72119afd4f85e1e6a25d548dab24c295 sha1 7fb1c606ed91f2aa720a7a8ffeb6ef26c3cd6529
track02.raw size 2036832 crc 8c403385 md5 fa3d5874ea22db5d7acf16b3b0ad9403 sha1 2677faa301e141757441a450974dbf33565a8801
track03.bin size 468320832 crc 2e02baa2 md5 aca877740537081ae625047a4a5b42f0 sha1 f57f0ada343629b516e6a6be040c577f7324dbd2
track04.raw size 882000 crc 48662976 md5 d7777a272481a223fb3174934ebc4868 sha1 595665221a8978e276b50bc6ae59011133ef4447
track05.bin size 715852368 crc fc8858a6 md5 2049d575365ee3f5f1735442287c1d62 sha1 b2f14a6d15cb9c41eab117c57c5bae8ec480ca80
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Re: RAYBLADE TRIAL1 (J) [6107747]

Post by Maddog » Sat May 04, 2019 2:34 pm

I found and dumped this disc and matched the information above. It will appear in the next dats. Thank you majorpbx, one more rare demo nailed for good. :D
This disc is literally just a rolling video demo of the game, apparently intended to be played repeatedly/continuously at a video game store.
Correct name for this disc appears to be Seireiki Rayblade - Video ROM, according to what is written on the disc. This didn't come with any kind of cover, never had any.
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