Tantei Shinshi DASH! [NTSC-J] [T-44403M]

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Tantei Shinshi DASH! [NTSC-J] [T-44403M]

Post by pyrichlo » Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:30 am

Media ID: 1A32
Media Config: GD-ROM1/1
Regions: J
Peripheral String: 0799810
Product Number: T44401M
Version: V1.008
Release Date: 20001118
Manufacturer ID: SEGA LC-T-444
Ring Code: <T-44401M-0574>HKB24D

Dump Tools: Dreamcast HKT-3000 and Dreamcast SD Rip ver1.1 by jj1odm

Code: Select all

1 0 4 2352 track01.bin 0
2 1502 0 2352 track02.raw 0
3 45000 4 2352 track03.bin 0
4 191901 0 2352 track04.raw 0
5 192714 4 2352 track05.bin 0
disc.gdi size 150 crc 65c5dcdf md5 987b41e1f40ab5b997bbe6459a6b083e sha1 d35dab2afa65f1c5d8d315174b52f8d17df7e071
track01.bin size 3179904 crc 80ad878c md5 056af8cc99df359de091cbda6793b3a6 sha1 bc856cb43791852530fa57bb8fbac4696c903ca1
track02.raw size 1735776 crc 0de03f29 md5 d09be539a7074a058159505b7f5fdcb3 sha1 db680939aae4bf61d0e588414c72a47c6dd92cdd
track03.bin size 345158352 crc 68356242 md5 902698e6beafefea685fdd151c45abf0 sha1 1c290f8d3b8d6daa1bca45994c2361cd74d0b1dc
track04.raw size 1559376 crc 0a7e2b43 md5 a81a12078f83ec147fc763d44f47cbf1 sha1 3e1c9c4ca97ceb6e8ee08185ac91be98dc4e1434
track05.bin size 838337472 crc 3a04c75e md5 7a060d49e7ebd8b95b72bcc3853afb2e sha1 224fc9deb44257eae46c09dec683303b26a464cf
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Re: Tantei Shinshi DASH! [NTSC-J] [T-44403M]

Post by Maddog » Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:09 am

Matched my personal dump, will appear in the next dats. Thank you pyrichlo! :D

T-44403M is the Limited Edition and there also exists a Normal version with boxcode T-44401M. Normal is not dumped yet, but presumed to be the same content. This needs to be proven at some point though...
Barcode for the LE is 4524209-00025-9. It is bundled with an audio CD, called "Tantei Shinshi Dash! Special Talk CD". This is not a GD-ROM.

EDIT 03/04/2019: It is now proven that T-44401M is actually different from T-44403M. At least the 3 known dumps of it. So much for presuming... :roll: :roll:
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