NFL 2K2 (U) [MK-51168]

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NFL 2K2 (U) [MK-51168]

Post by majorpbx » Sun Jul 09, 2017 3:48 pm

Here is an odd one, I've noticed that usually all the audio tracks are different in a variant but this one only has Track 2 as the variant. If someone can confirm this disk in my collection I would appreciate it. Also, I'd like to mention that the disk is in excellent condition and there is no foil damage just in case anyone is wondering.

Title: NFL2K2
Media ID: A9BF
Media Config: GD-ROM1/1
Regions: U
Peripheral String: 2799A10
Product Number: MK-51168
Version: V1.004
Release Date: 20010829
Inner Ring Code: IFPI 7486
Outer Ring Code: *5S* 51168 B A3 IFPI L433

Hardware: Dreamcast USA HKT-3020 (1) with Broadband HIT-0400
Software: httpd-ack-20080711 on Windows 10 with Chrome, and custom PowerShell script
Software: Also used Serial-USB

Code: Select all

1 0 4 2352 track01.bin 0
2 756 0 2352 track02.raw 0
3 45000 4 2352 track03.bin 0
4 49180 0 2352 track04.raw 0
5 49781 4 2352 track05.bin 0
disc.gdi size 147 crc 381caa06 md5 1a39be1f2b6259f82cc1301a26a27ee0 sha1 6a36bc9c646ad093f8821059405c43c5177f4cc1
Info.pdf size 125611 crc 29a5d43d md5 e673dea5966afd40486a3a048fc3caf4 sha1 4c912badf9db3e5de4dc7b930b8567b276ce129e
track01.bin size 1425312 crc c11ea9ab md5 0b202e8be115c3577dbdd861b249121a sha1 b30f7ed25ce0f84a23c14adb92c6cc149f84f6c1
track02.raw size 1237152 crc 6d9f1080 md5 af15397d5fc84591009586fe3dcf6639 sha1 323d37e3009babf896d024f37f09d4c2946debec
track03.bin size 9478560 crc 91ee3525 md5 7c7d82141320b1b6f682e3ccbd55a392 sha1 dc3c05d57a93a5e7814408d8174d8f2c54c302cd
track04.raw size 1060752 crc 2c7062e4 md5 c7385dd6a4125b807b9578e88367f55f sha1 b8ffbd5e289482c739de124c078f3e34c6dde3b7
track05.bin size 1174515888 crc cff369bb md5 5e87e51da4e7bea5f68c19f8411492f8 sha1 8da05a855b58aae4b6ff7957e31978165f1f26d3
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Re: NFL 2K2 (U) [MK-51168]

Post by Maddog » Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:35 am

What I can tell you is that checksums of track02 appear legit, they can be obtained by changing the offset of the already verified track with *2S* ringcode.
There are other cases where the low and high density areas have been mastered with a different offset and this might be one of them, although this is the first spotted case where the low density has different offset than another disc and the high density has exactly the same.

I own yet another variant of this disc with ringcode *4S* 51168. In my disc, both tracks have different offset as expected.
I suppose we need to wait until someone else dumps the *5S* disc and gets the same checksums. However, arriving at the "correct" checksum for track04 by accident would be too far fetched IMO, so I am well inclined to believe this is absolutely legit.
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