World Series Baseball 2K1 v1.000 (US) [Not for Resale]

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World Series Baseball 2K1 v1.000 (US) [Not for Resale]

Post by atreyu187 » Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:29 pm

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[WORLD SERIES BASEBALL 2K1 *Not for Resale*]
No Type   Start (Physical)  Size    MB
Session 1:
 1 RDATA      0 (   150)    604    1M
 2 AUDIO    754 (   904)    526    1M
Session 2:
 3 RDATA  45000 ( 45150) 504150 1185M

HD area TOC:
HD tracks : 3 to 3
Track 3 : Start LBA 45000 , End LBA 549300, ctrl 0x4
Last Sector : LBA 549150

Disk Info:
	Hardware Identifier : "SEGA SEGAKATANA"
	Hardware Vender ID : "SEGA ENTERPRISES"
	Media ID : "DE8E"
	Media Information : "GD-ROM1/1"
	Compatible area symbols : " U"
	Peripheral Information : "0799810"
	Product number : "MK-51055"
	Version number : "V1.000"
	Release date (dd/mm/yyyy): 11/07/2000
	First read file : "1ST_READ.BIN"
	Maker Identifier : "SEGA ENTERPRISES"
	Ring Code : "*5S* 51055"
	Mastering Code : "IFPI L433"
	SID Code : "IFPI 7482"
description "World Series Baseball 2K1 v1.000 (2000)(Sega Sports)(NTSC)(US)[Not for Resale]"
disc.gdi size 87 crc f782deca md5 bcf632fbe396acbce6cb3a0b61d914e1 sha1 cc43be7a2a3a15a86f07441e849c5b4c1dd98190
track01.bin size 1420608 crc 21b428b8 md5 127fa6191fdfafdc8f46a21a8aabb909 sha1 960ed6d2004554c108b7345042a266a9858b1ed1
track02.raw size 1237152 crc 08112d95 md5 401608a87db7576f1c5f2bc59865f493 sha1 7403119351cb5d55a99eb9df6f2b7f5abc4f6850
track03.bin size 1185760800 crc a1c24a87 md5 321edee74a18edf21a5f17022eb46a1a sha1 8c689fc63bcf186d65f1e6f814079074f068f4ba
NBA 2K1 and NFL 2K1 "Not for Resale" editions up next. Also this is my 420th post so I am going to part take in this glorious event!!
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Re: World Series Baseball 2K1 v1.000 (US) [Not for Resale]

Post by Maddog » Mon Jan 13, 2014 12:56 am

Dump matches the retail disc with same ringcode which is already in the dats.
Entered "no resale" disc info into database and credited you with a dump. Thanks! :D
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