extract files inside TOSEC dumps?

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Post by az_bont » Wed Jun 20, 2007 3:03 pm

The method I described, which used CUE sheets, will allow you to extract the files, and will also allow you to view the LBAs of each file on the disc. However, the way CDMage formats the list is not as easy to use as with ISOBuster, and it is certainly not compatible with the popular tool for automatically creating sortfiles: 'makesort.exe'.

I have been able to create a perfectly valid, single Mode1/2048 image (.iso) for the TOSEC release of the NTSC/US version of Fatal Fury, which I then used to create a sort file:

Code: Select all

data/1ST_READ.BIN 1
data/20MUSIC2.AFS 2
data/20MUSIC.AFS 3
data/FIX_0.DAT 6
data/FIX_1.DAT 7
data/FIX_2.DAT 8
data/FIX_3.DAT 9
data/LOGO1.GRC 10
data/FIRST.BIN 11
data/T15.GRC 12
data/END00.GRC 13
data/END01.GRC 14
data/END02.GRC 15
data/END03.GRC 16
data/END04.GRC 17
data/END05.GRC 18
data/END06.GRC 19
data/END07.GRC 20
data/END09.GRC 21
data/END0A.GRC 22
data/END0B.GRC 23
data/END0C.GRC 24
data/END0D.GRC 25
data/G00.GRC 26
data/G01.GRC 27
data/G02.GRC 28
data/G03.GRC 29
data/G04.GRC 30
data/G05.GRC 31
data/G06.GRC 32
data/G07.GRC 33
data/G08.GRC 34
data/G09.GRC 35
data/G0A.GRC 36
data/G0B.GRC 37
data/G0C.GRC 38
data/G0D.GRC 39
data/G0E.GRC 40
data/G0F.GRC 41
data/RANK.GRC 42
data/253_S1.GRC 43
data/END08.GRC 44
data/SEND.GRC 45
data/LOGO2.GRC 46
data/ART_BG.GRC 47
data/VM_BG.GRC 48
data/WDEMO.GRC 49
data/JYOU.GRC 50
data/FIRST.GRC 51
data/VSDEMO.GRC 52
data/TDEMO.GRC 53
data/GAROU.MLT 54
data/FIRST_E.GRC 55
data/CHAR_T0.GRC 56
data/CHAR_T1.GRC 57
data/CHAR_T10.GRC 58
data/CHAR_T11.GRC 59
data/CHAR_T12.GRC 60
data/CHAR_T13.GRC 61
data/CHAR_T14.GRC 62
data/CHAR_T2.GRC 63
data/CHAR_T3.GRC 64
data/CHAR_T4.GRC 65
data/CHAR_T5.GRC 66
data/CHAR_T6.GRC 67
data/CHAR_T7.GRC 68
data/CHAR_T8.GRC 69
data/CHAR_T9.GRC 70
data/T03.GRC 71
data/T02.GRC 72
data/T01.GRC 73
data/T00.GRC 74
data/T06.GRC 75
data/T05.GRC 76
data/T04.GRC 77
data/T10.GRC 78
data/T09.GRC 79
data/T08.GRC 80
data/T07.GRC 81
data/T13.GRC 82
data/T12.GRC 83
data/T11.GRC 84
data/T14.GRC 85
data/VM_PVR.GRC 86
data/DEMO.GRC 87
data/PSEL.GRC 88
data/GAME1.GRC 89
data/VM_WORN1.GRC 90
data/VM_WORN2.GRC 91
data/VM_WORN3.GRC 92
data/VM_WORN4.GRC 93
data/VM_WORN5.GRC 94
data/VM_WORN6.GRC 95
data/VM_WORN7.GRC 96
data/VM_WORN8.GRC 97
data/VM_WORN9.GRC 98
data/LOGO3.GRC 99
data/LOGO4.GRC 100
data/LOGO5.GRC 101
data/ART/ARTC_13.DAT 102
data/ART/ARTC_12.DAT 103
data/ART/ARTE2_7.DAT 104
data/ART/ARTE1_0.DAT 105
data/ART/ARTE1_7.DAT 106
data/ART/ARTE1_6.DAT 107
data/ART/ARTE1_5.DAT 108
data/ART/ARTE1_4.DAT 109
data/ART/ARTE1_3.DAT 110
data/ART/ARTE1_2.DAT 111
data/ART/ARTE1_1.DAT 112
data/ART/ARTE1_8.DAT 113
data/ART/ARTE0_0.DAT 114
data/ART/ARTE0_8.DAT 115
data/ART/ARTE0_7.DAT 116
data/ART/ARTE0_6.DAT 117
data/ART/ARTE0_5.DAT 118
data/ART/ARTE0_4.DAT 119
data/ART/ARTE0_3.DAT 120
data/ART/ARTE0_2.DAT 121
data/ART/ARTE0_1.DAT 122
data/ART/ARTE0_9.DAT 123
data/ART/ARTC_9.DAT 124
data/ART/ARTC_1.DAT 125
data/ART/ARTC_10.DAT 126
data/ART/ARTC_11.DAT 127
data/ART/ARTC_2.DAT 128
data/ART/ARTC_3.DAT 129
data/ART/ARTC_4.DAT 130
data/ART/ARTC_5.DAT 131
data/ART/ARTC_6.DAT 132
data/ART/ARTC_7.DAT 133
data/ART/ARTC_8.DAT 134
data/ART/ARTC_0.DAT 135
data/ART/ARTE7_7.DAT 136
data/ART/ARTE1_S1.DAT 137
data/ART/ARTE1_S0.DAT 138
data/ART/ARTN_S2.DAT 139
data/ART/ARTN_S0.DAT 140
data/ART/ARTN_S1.DAT 141
data/ART/ARTN_9.DAT 142
data/ART/ARTN_8.DAT 143
data/ART/ARTN_7.DAT 144
data/ART/ARTN_6.DAT 145
data/ART/ARTN_0.DAT 146
data/ART/ARTN_4.DAT 147
data/ART/ARTN_3.DAT 148
data/ART/ARTN_2.DAT 149
data/ART/ARTN_18.DAT 150
data/ART/ARTN_17.DAT 151
data/ART/ARTN_16.DAT 152
data/ART/ARTN_15.DAT 153
data/ART/ARTN_14.DAT 154
data/ART/ARTN_13.DAT 155
data/ART/ARTN_12.DAT 156
data/ART/ARTN_11.DAT 157
data/ART/ARTN_10.DAT 158
data/ART/ARTN_1.DAT 159
data/ART/ARTN_5.DAT 160
data/ART/ARTE9_S0.DAT 162
data/ART/ARTE8_S1.DAT 163
data/ART/ARTE10_S0.DAT 164
data/ART/ARTE7_S0.DAT 165
data/ART/ARTE6_S0.DAT 166
data/ART/ARTE5_S0.DAT 167
data/ART/ARTE4_S0.DAT 168
data/ART/ARTE3_S0.DAT 169
data/ART/ARTE2_S0.DAT 170
data/ART/ARTE13_S0.DAT 171
data/ART/ARTE12_S0.DAT 172
data/ART/ARTE11_S0.DAT 173
data/ART/ARTE8_S0.DAT 174
data/ART/ARTE13_3.DAT 175
data/ART/ARTE13_2.DAT 176
data/ART/ARTE13_1.DAT 177
data/ART/ARTE13_0.DAT 178
data/ART/ARTE12_5.DAT 179
data/ART/ARTE12_4.DAT 180
data/ART/ARTE11_0.DAT 181
data/ART/ARTE12_2.DAT 182
data/ART/ARTE12_1.DAT 183
data/ART/ARTE12_0.DAT 184
data/ART/ARTE11_7.DAT 185
data/ART/ARTE11_6.DAT 186
data/ART/ARTE11_5.DAT 187
data/ART/ARTE11_4.DAT 188
data/ART/ARTE11_3.DAT 189
data/ART/ARTE11_2.DAT 190
data/ART/ARTE11_1.DAT 191
data/ART/ARTE12_3.DAT 192
data/ART/ARTE10_7.DAT 193
data/ART/ARTE10_6.DAT 194
data/ART/ARTE10_5.DAT 195
data/ART/ARTE10_0.DAT 196
data/ART/ARTE10_3.DAT 197
data/ART/ARTE10_2.DAT 198
data/ART/ARTE10_1.DAT 199
data/ART/ARTE10_4.DAT 200
data/ART/ARTE9_5.DAT 201
data/ART/ARTE9_4.DAT 202
data/ART/ARTE9_3.DAT 203
data/ART/ARTE9_2.DAT 204
data/ART/ARTE9_1.DAT 205
data/ART/ARTE8_0.DAT 206
data/ART/ARTE8_9.DAT 207
data/ART/ARTE8_8.DAT 208
data/ART/ARTE8_7.DAT 209
data/ART/ARTE8_6.DAT 210
data/ART/ARTE8_5.DAT 211
data/ART/ARTE8_4.DAT 212
data/ART/ARTE8_3.DAT 213
data/ART/ARTE8_2.DAT 214
data/ART/ARTE8_11.DAT 215
data/ART/ARTE8_10.DAT 216
data/ART/ARTE8_1.DAT 217
data/ART/ARTE9_0.DAT 218
data/ART/ARTE7_6.DAT 219
data/ART/ARTE7_5.DAT 220
data/ART/ARTE7_4.DAT 221
data/ART/ARTE7_0.DAT 222
data/ART/ARTE7_2.DAT 223
data/ART/ARTE7_1.DAT 224
data/ART/ARTE7_3.DAT 225
data/ART/ARTE6_5.DAT 226
data/ART/ARTE6_4.DAT 227
data/ART/ARTE6_0.DAT 228
data/ART/ARTE6_2.DAT 229
data/ART/ARTE6_1.DAT 230
data/ART/ARTE6_3.DAT 231
data/ART/ARTE5_5.DAT 232
data/ART/ARTE5_0.DAT 234
data/ART/ARTE5_3.DAT 235
data/ART/ART_S1.DAT 236
data/ART/ART_S0.DAT 237
data/ART/ARTE5_2.DAT 238
data/ART/ARTE5_1.DAT 239
data/ART/ARTE5_4.DAT 240
data/ART/ARTE4_7.DAT 241
data/ART/ARTE4_6.DAT 242
data/ART/ARTE4_0.DAT 243
data/ART/ARTE4_4.DAT 244
data/ART/ARTE4_3.DAT 245
data/ART/ARTE4_2.DAT 246
data/ART/ARTE4_1.DAT 247
data/ART/ARTE4_5.DAT 248
data/ART/ARTE3_5.DAT 249
data/ART/ARTE3_4.DAT 250
data/ART/ARTE3_0.DAT 251
data/ART/ARTE3_2.DAT 252
data/ART/ARTE3_1.DAT 253
data/ART/ARTE3_3.DAT 254
data/ART/ARTE2_6.DAT 255
data/ART/ARTE2_5.DAT 256
data/ART/ARTE2_0.DAT 257
data/ART/ARTE2_3.DAT 258
data/ART/ARTE2_2.DAT 259
data/ART/ARTE2_1.DAT 260
data/ART/ARTE2_4.DAT 261
data/ART/ARTE0_S0.DAT 262
data/ART/ARTE0_S1.DAT 263
data/0.0 264
That last one is a dummy file not on the original list, automatically appended by makesort.exe, in case you aren't familiar with the tool.

If you are concerned about corruption, you can make a sort file with the newly-created .ISOs and then simply extract the files via CDMage, if you want to be certain. However, I double-checked my method by comparing the MD5 hashes of every extracted file that used my original CUE sheet method and the method I shall describe below, with all matching perfectly.

1. Create a dummy file. The size of the dummy file is easy to calculate, and can be done as follows:

[total size of all audio tracks in bytes] + 705600 = size of dummy file in bites

In case you're wondering where the 705600 bytes comes from, I shall explain. Whenever you go between audio and data tracks on a CD, or vice versa, you need to include 2 seconds of gap data. Obviously, If you've got a track 3 made up of data, then audio tracks, then the final data track, that means you'll have two lots of gap data, totalling 4 seconds.

4 seconds * 75 sectors * 2352 bytes = 705600

I personally use 'Dummy File Maker' by Infected Bajs, but the choice is entirely yours.

If you're using the above-mentioned dummy file creator, you would use the following command for Fatal Fury:

dummy.exe dummyfile.dat 18910080

You can then combine the BINs into one nice big track with the following command:

copy /b track03.bin+dummyfile.dat+track05.bin new.bin

Obviously, if your dump only has a single data track in the high-density area (track 3 only) you can ignore this whole step.

2. Convert the BIN to an ISO. I used BIN to ISO converter v.2.0 32 bit by Tommy R Lund.

3. Use 'isofix' on the resulting ISO. When it prompts you for an LBA, give it 45000.

4. You now have a single 'fixed.iso', which can be opened properly in ISOBuster. You can extract the files, and if you right-click on the name of the disc (next to the little 'ISO' label) in the left panel, go to 'Folder tree and file information --> List tree-info (in txt file) --> LBA, Relative path', you can feed the resulting 'FileList.txt' to 'makesort.exe', and it will make a proper sort file for you.
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Post by Mozgus » Wed Jun 20, 2007 3:49 pm

God, it's not even worth the effort. Especially since it's been confirmed that the real game is fucked to begin with. It's not like a backup copy will perform better than the real thing.

All this bullshit just because you guys had to switch the format. I just dont follow this "more steps = better" logic that keeps floating around here. I like the methods we've been using since 2000 and I just see no reason to change.
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This is how I go about multiple data tracks - its very easy

Post by tossEAC » Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:08 pm

Lets be franks I haven't got all the exact info to make this as clear as daylight but I will try to explain how to get GDI's with more than one data track joined, mounted, extracted and a Filelist.txt made.

First off take a GDI and extract the contents.

Make a new folder called it bins, and then transfer the two bins you want joining to the bins folder, also transfer the "example you use.gdi" file, which lists all the lba's of the tracks.

Next take a look at the .gdi file and find the last data track and its LBA number, say it was 66666.

The first data track we need starts with the LBA 45000 (always called track03.bin). Have a look at the LBA of the raw track directly after track03.bin lets say it's track04.raw LBA 55555.

Then use calc. and enter 66666-55555 = 11111 ( which is the lba difference between the 2 data tracks, in bytes this would equall 11111 x 2352 = 26133072 bytes. Create a dummy file called say dummy.bin, with the exact size 26133072 bytes.

This is co-incedintally the size of the raw files inbetween your data tracks + 150 extra sectors or in bytes 150 x 2352 - 352800 bytes.

It can .: be calculated using either method but its best to do it using the calculator and .gdi file.

Then copy <data03.bin>+<dummy.bin><last.data.bin> to a new file.

The exact method using the command prompt is listed else where in the site, I dont have the exact string to hand (don't worry) that bit is easy.

You now need the cue.file for track03.bin (here on site).

Then mount your new bin file with daemon tools, I use daemon v3.47, on WinXP. Fortunately I have other computers and other operating systems, and it doesn't work on 64bit XP. There are much much newer versions of daemon tools, but at the point straight after 3.47 in got SeriouS SPY Ware, so I never bother getting any other version, and I would reconmend you don't either.

Once it is mounted open the newest version of iso buster and choose the generic drive.

From there you can extract it 100% perfectly, forget cdmage it corrupts the data. But you may want to use cdmage to extract the session as an iso. If you want to extract then cancell straight away, to the use the part of the iso that is extracted and nick the first 32768 bytes for your IP.BIN, that also works. You have to point cdmage to the cue.

The cue is the one for track03.bin also found in this thread (hint) near the start.

Now back to isobuster, extract files, then create a fileslist of the exact LBA file type and save that, for using with makesort (found in the tools section here).

And thats about it. Once you have it extracted then make a self boot, with or without dummy files.

Remeber before we had TOSEC and had only KALISTO ECHELON UTOPIA and a few other groups. Well don't forget there is lots we can do with the 1ST_READ.BIN, just like those guys were doing years ago. Scart FIXES, JAP FIXES, PAL FIXES, CDDA Fixes (They are amongst the trickiest).

If any one is un-clear (which I would expect), on this one let me know I will run over it again when I get a chance only I would have preferred it if I had all my nfo to hand next time, so the examples could be more precise.

Here's what I have made from TOSEC dumps - so far:

Selfboot - using TOSEC data, ECHELON tutorial 08cm 80min 90mins (need to buy 99mins discs soon).

BootDisc - Binhack the 1ST_READ.BIN but I found changing the 11700 number to 0, got these suckers to work.

CDDA using SCENE RELEASE with bin+cue and the audio replaced from some form of extracter to TOSEC raw2wav, working no probs (NOT CDI's) only bin + cue so far, if there was stuff ripped from the data, you could put it back in and compare your data with the scene release and then find all the different files, and if need be use the hacked files from the scene release to make your disc work.

Disc media 08cm cd 80 min cd and 90 min cd (using disc juggler to burn 90 min or 99 min cd's). All using the makesort file list for mkisof, to keep the files in the order they were made in.

Bare in mind that there were a lot of patches floating about way back when, and TOSEC dumps, are not patched, so you will have to hunt out some old patches, check on GAME/CONSOLE COPY WORLD (dc patches)

Hope that helps you get started.
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Post by Mozgus » Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:54 pm

Funny. After all this time, I give this stuff a shot again, and it still doesn't work.
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Post by NU-NRG » Mon Nov 17, 2008 4:02 am

I have ripped many games using this method and can confirm this works 100%. Failing that just create a cue sheet to get the data instead.
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Post by Dreamcast270mhz » Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:52 pm

Ok, I get the cue sheet stuff, but my calculations for tracks six of shenmue 2 disc 1 are off, because files are broken, I would suggest a precalculated set for all games to be posted
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