New Method of Recoding SFD Files for HQ Rips

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New Method of Recoding SFD Files for HQ Rips

Post by atreyu187 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:58 am

So between the ReviveDC team and the Dreamcast Clean Merge Project we have found that a older VCD codec called KVCD works great for the Dreamcast after some slight tweaking. It took 780mb of video down to 320mb without any noticeable loss. Using the same setting with normal VCD standards it only went down to 560mb and you could tell the difference especially in the black scenes. So I am here today to share our find with the DC community that still cares about ripping games and doing it with HQ standards. you just drop the modified template into Tmepg and load it while leaving settings the same and watch as your files shrink and the quality remains nearly the same. ... amcast.mcf

This is a combined effort between DC rip groups to provide quality over the trash most scene groups put out with CBR and single pass. This is VBR with 2-pass @ 1,500 kb/s bitrate. This is good for if you really need to shrink the hell out of some video files but if you don't need much room I suggest 2,500kb/s as it still reduces file size a lot and it is near impossible to see any difference unless I need glasses. Anyhow enjoy you DC nuts!!

BTW if you still make VCD's for some reason this will also make VCD's of a much higher quality without all of the jumpy jitterness of standard MPEG encoding.
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