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Post discussions on how to downsample and hack CD-based games here. Discuss the best ways to fit your backed-up game onto a CD-R, or other ways to play GDI files on a real console.

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Post by atreyu187 » Tue May 01, 2012 2:44 am

No logic based been lending a MASSIVE hand with his lengthy knowledge of the Dreamcast. And a buddy in my Dreamcast release group and myself have been trying to do what we can along with Maddog to do what we can to get the site back off a respirator.

DAT's have had major updates lately with a large amount in every section with even more on the way every day as I just submitted about ten new dumps in the last week alone let alone the work of others like kirk and more.

So no the site isn't dead it just needed a little blood donation from some new folks to pick up where guys like No logic, MoZgus, & family_guy left off. So check back often and feel free to participate even if it is just asking questions it will lead to more open public documentation of the whole process from a mode 1 gd-rom disc to a multi-session mode 2 cd-rom and doing it the best possible way.

Techniques and new tools are being used to produce some fine replicas of the games that one would be hard pressed to tell retail from homemade. It has saved me some serious cash as my Daughter loves playing her Dreamcast and Wii. The days of ruined disc is behind me now with doing proper rips and encodes. But luckily the Wii has the use of the USB HDD, at least the SD card adapter is starting to show promise with a major speed increase. That and the BBA & HDD loading being added to Dreamshell RC-1 update recently though the speeds arent nearly there yet but at least it is a start.

It was such a nice update I have stopped DC SC card adapters for retail game loading as a lot run full speed. To back CDDA can't be used from media like the Gamecube games with streaming audio like F-Zero and Eternal Darkness.

Any glad to have you here and I am going to and my mindless rant. Being deprived of sleep makes me ramble on and on all the time :lol: Long live the TOSEC project and thank you past/present/future contributors even if that is loans.g a disc if you have no way to do your or you put all the labor into your work. Happy ripping and gaming.
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