GDI Creator v0.2

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GDI Creator v0.2

Post by Quzar » Wed Apr 25, 2007 12:26 am

I wrote this up in the past hour. What it does it takes a track01.iso and a track.txt file created by bbarip (sorry for those of you not using it), and from those creates a properly named gdi file.

A few restrictions it has:
It requires both of the files to be present.
It assumes that the only data files will be tracks 1, 3, and the last track. (that is two of the three different structures for GDs, the last being only data in 1 and 3 then audio in the rest. That type is relatively rare because most devs want the data pushed farther to the outside of the disc in order to give better read times)

Remove dependance on track.txt, and have it scan all track**.*** files and create the gdi based solely on them.

Maybe add some stuff to have it auto-generate an md5 file? This wouldn't be too hard after I do the first thing.

Maybe have it automatically create a "name.txt" file with the file descriptors (basically the same thing the ip2post thing does, might as well integrate that into this?).

Write up a whole GD ripping program to be the companion to this =P.

I may never do any of those though, just cause I don't really need it, but who knows, if I have time this weekend I might get the first done.


EDIT: just realized this only runs in cygwin =P add another TODO to make it run outright in windows I guess.
EDIT2: fixed. runs perfectly in windows now.
EDIT3: Changed to v0.2 after fixing bugs pertaining to: text fields with spaces in them and region decoding.
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