ripping bleemcast

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ripping bleemcast

Post by fackue » Fri Jul 27, 2007 1:56 am

NOTE: I don't wish to have illegal copies floating around, that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is strictly educational, to learn and understand the copy protection it uses. This post also is not intended to make bleemcast to run differently than it would i.e. playing a PSX game it wasn't designed for.

With that said, I'm just going to drop off the information I've gathered so far. If you're familiar with SH4 assembly take a look at this. It's the bootstraps for bleemcast's, LiENUS', ECHELON's and SEGA's IP.BIN and their disassemblies (their starting addresses are wrong though).


The MR logo's actual filesize is 30 bytes smaller than the filesize described
in the MR (offset 0002-0003). Acutal size: 12703; Described size: 12733. NOTE:
Bootstrap1.bin has the actual-size MR logo removed (saved to, the
extra 30 bytes are left inside Bootstrap1.bin, whether that data is real non-MR
logo data is yet to be determinded, but, from my experiances with this MR logo
the extra 30 bytes are not used when the MR's image data is uncompressed.

The WinCE bit is set in the IP.BIN (Why did the Bleem guys set this? It doesn't
seem to have an effect on MIL-CD discs.).

How one ripped disc with zeros placed in the unreadable sectors only faded out
after the licensing screen was finished and did not fade in and another ripped
disc which had the zeros removed faded in AND faded out.

The 1ST_READ.BIN filename is a line feed (&H0A). Just speculation, but I
believe this file loads the "mysterious data" pseude randomly.

The second bootstrap *appears* to start at &H7000, SEGA's & LiENUS' second
bootstrap starts at &H6000. Nothing special to note (for now) otherwise.

The IP.BIN doesn't work with other DC software. Your Dreamcast resets after the
licensing screen with no fading out/in.
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