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Post by majorpbx » Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:01 pm

Media ID: F43D
Media Config: GD-ROM1/1
Regions: J
Peripheral String: 0000000
Product Number: GDT-0008C
Version: V4.002
Release Date: 20031027
Manufacturer ID:
Mould SID Code: IFPI 39B7
Inner Ring Code: GDT-0008C 30MS1 C 3X
Mastering SID Code: IFPI L223
PIC Outer Label: 253-5508-0371J
PIC Chip Stamp: 317-0371-JPN
PIC Chip Type: PIC16C621A-20/P
PIC DES Key: E0B9043E4C4F40BC

Hardware: Dreamcast USA HKT-3020 (1) with Broadband HIT-0400
Software: httpd-ack-20080711 on Windows 10 with Chrome, and custom PowerShell script

Code: Select all

1 0 4 2352 track01.bin 0
2 1039 0 2352 track02.raw 0
3 45000 4 2352 track03.bin 0
disc.gdi size 88 crc fd2058ee md5 a4bdce1eb85987faa1eddcd93d1dc2f8 sha1 7d414ecd3f5742c0d8e34dda6bd585648ad3451c
YAKYU.bin size 519045120 crc a0c1bc9a md5 e074c698e358786013383fe36bc8fcb3 sha1 5bcf5a0c258276e1aafafbfc27c63a267389b2a2
GDT-0008C.chd size 420091711 crc c1e74b17 md5 79e71f9c6ed565994d87f6d195af6a0f sha1 330fbe4efb9cd3ec8737f1d8d989580e23cc934c MAME-sha1 722e2e2702a2f55b93cdc8b2fac3f920fbc81977
track01.bin size 2090928 crc bab170cb md5 1600341dee522eeeb5e1e0d2e243ff78 sha1 a35c8d23b29e9544f0f477118f9e0468e1d8922a
track02.raw size 3179904 crc 6defd61c md5 9756a02542993442226d9b2d2364be23 sha1 ad380b990ac63c360f6e19938560b5632f260dc3
track03.bin size 1185760800 crc 4b830cd2 md5 d4466a737366d9547710c5dd928fd4a2 sha1 42d80cf0cf47ba382bd431115537dcc4713e483f
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