Demo/Trial Disc in Magazines

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Demo/Trial Disc in Magazines

Post by atreyu187 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:22 am

So this peak my interest as I didn't know where my copy came from.
Maddog wrote:Whoa, this was sitting in wait for looooong! :roll:
Matches a dump from ackmed, with ringcode <610-7146-0075>HJ404A.

The origin of this disc is Dreamcast Magazine GD-ROM May 1999. Some info and pics can be found at Segagagadomain.
Thank you guys for nailing another rarity. :D
I have Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram 5.66 Customization Disc from Dreamcast Magazine GD-ROM Vol.6 August 11th issue. I also have the Fur Fighters: The Exclusive Demo Disc is a demo disc of Fur Fighters released "exclusively" with issue #10 of DC-UK and unlike the other released demo disc with Fur Fighters that is paired with a DOA 2 rolling demo. This one contains single and multiplayer levels to enjoy and not just multiplayer. It is the only demo disc sold with the magazine throughout its twenty-month run. There was also the Frame Gride Test Operation Disc that came with Dreamcast Express demo disc but I have all those and they don't really fall into my question and that being are there any other magazines with dedicated demo disc to a certain game? If so got any info on which issues etc? Want to grab some of those and I have gotten some cool ones thinking back and not knowing only getting the disc portion of the deal.
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