New TOSEC Dreamcast dats are out (29 Feb 2012)

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New TOSEC Dreamcast dats are out (29 Feb 2012)

Post by Maddog » Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:18 pm

As the topic says. :)
You may find the new dats over at

Regarding Dreamcast GDI, which is what we care about here, this is the list of changes and updates. Some cool games added, especially in the Japanese dat. In total, there are 840 discs verified now.

Sega Dreamcast - Applications (TOSEC-v2012-02-21)
Dream Passport 3 v1.011 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)[!][610-7819-0374B 22MB3, 22MM1]
Microsoft WebTV v1.004 (1999)(WebTV Networks)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Yumebaken '99 Internet v1.003 (1999)(Shangri-La)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Virtua Fighter 4 Passport - VF.NET v1.001 (2001)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)[!][Shenmue II, HDR-0179]

Sega Dreamcast - Games - NTSC-JP (TOSEC-v2012-02-24)
18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker v1.006 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)(en)[!]
Border Down v1.000 (2003)(G.rev)(NTSC)(JP)(en)[!]
Climax Landers v1.013 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Cosmic Smash v1.000 (2001)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)(en)[!]
Crazy Taxi 2 v1.003 (2001)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)(en)[!]
Dance Dance Revolution - Club Version - Dreamcast Edition v1.000 (2000)(Konami)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
deSPIRIA v1.001 (2000)(Atlus)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
ECCO the Dolphin - Defender of the Future v1.005 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Eternal Arcadia v1.009 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)(Disc 1 of 2)[!]
Eternal Arcadia v1.009 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)(Disc 2 of 2)[!]
Get Bass - Sega Bass Fishing v1.002 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)(en)[!][HDR-0023-0053 HJ306E]
Grandia II v1.001 (2000)(Game Arts)(NTSC)(JP)[!][T-4503M-0451 1M2]
Grauen no Torikago - Kapitel 1 - Keiyaku v1.003 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
GuruGuru Onsen 3 v1.002 (2002)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Happy Lesson v1.002 (2001)(Datam Polystar)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Historical Mystery Adventure TROIA 1186 B.C. v1.002 (1999)(Hitachi - TBS)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
July v2.000 (1998)(Fortyfive)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Karous v1.003 (2007)(Milestone)(NTSC)(JP)(en)[!]
L.O.L. - Lack of Love v1.001 (2000)(ASCII)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Mahjong Taikai II Special v1.003 (1999)(KOEI)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Missing Parts - The Tantei Stories v1.000 (2001)(FOG)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Net Versus - Shogi v1.005 (2001)(Atmark)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Outtrigger v1.008 (2001)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)(en)[!]
Pop'n Music 3 - Append Disc v1.000 (1999)(Konami)(NTSC)(JP)(en)[!][addon, req. Pop'n Music 2]
Rainbow Cotton v1.009 (1999)(Success)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Samba De Amigo Ver. 2000 v1.001 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Simple2000 Series DC Vol. 03 - Fureai v1.003 (2002)(D3 Publisher)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Sunrise Eiyuutan v1.000 (1999)(Sunrise Interactive)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Tricolore Crise v1.002 (2000)(Victor)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Typing of the Dead, The v1.001 (2000)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)[!][req. keyboard]
Vermilion Desert v1.001 (1999)(Riverhillsoft)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Winning Post 4 - Program 2000 v1.001 (2000)(KOEI)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Yuki Gatari v1.004 (2002)(Takuyo)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
Yukyu Gensokyoku 3 - Perpetual Blue v1.003 (1999)(MediaWorks)(NTSC)(JP)[!]
House of the Dead 2, The v1.007 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(JP)[!][HDR-0007-0050 1M4, 1MB4, 1M5]
Marvel vs. Capcom - Clash of Super Heroes v1.003 (1999)(Capcom)(NTSC)(JP)(en)[!][T-1202M-0047 HJ224G, HJ225A]

Sega Dreamcast - Games - NTSC-US (TOSEC-v2012-02-21)
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command v1.000 (2000)(Activision)(NTSC)(US)[!]
Confidential Mission v1.004 (2001)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(M5)[!]
DragonRiders - Chronicles of Pern v1.002 (2001)(Ubi Soft)(NTSC)(US)[!]
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing v1.000 (1999)(Midway)(NTSC)(US)[!][2S T-9704NGD]
Spider-Man v1.000 (2001)(Activision)(NTSC)(US)[!]
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 v1.002 (2000)(Crave)(NTSC)(US)[!]
Toy Commander v1.022 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(US)(M4)[!][12S 51020]
Virtua Athlete 2000 v1.002 (2000)(Agetec)(NTSC)(US)[!]

Sega Dreamcast - Samplers (TOSEC-v2012-01-29)
Dreamon Volume 2 v1.000 (1999)(Sega)(PAL)(M4)[!]
Dreamon Volume 15 v1.000 (2000)(Sega)(PAL)(M4)[!]
Fighting Vipers 2 v1.000 (2000)(Sega)(PAL)(M6)(beta)[!][White Label]

Sega NAOMI - Games (TOSEC-v2012-02-25)
Mobile Suit Gundam - The Earth Federation vs. the Principality of Zeon Deluxe v1.000 (2001)(Capcom)(JP)[!]
Quiz Keitai Q Mode v1.003 (2002)(Amedio - Taito)(JP)[!]

A HUGE "Thank You" goes out to everyone that has bothered to dump even a single game for the cause. Also, welcome to all new dumpers. Your help in making these dats really special is trully appreciated. :D

Moving on to the next dat immediately, you'll probably see it quite soon. :wink:
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Post by atreyu187 » Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:58 am

Anytime man and I don't intend to stop anytime soon.
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Post by darcagn » Sun Mar 04, 2012 12:05 pm

I've updated the front page so the new dats are there, too. :)
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