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Scenedicate was the world's first Dreamcast diskmag, with interviews, artwork (analog and digital), and playable programs right on the disc.

Alongside the free download, scenedicate is also available on the DVD-ROM of the December issue of the prestigious German videogame/lifestyle magazine GEE (Games Entertainment Education). Scenedicate is also featured in an article in the print section of the magazine.

GEE Magazine



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Issue #1

  • Introduction
  • Restoring Used Games
  • Need for console only parties (includes statements from Psychad / organizer of the Deadline Console party in Stockholm)
  • ScummVM
    • ScummVM interview with _sev and joostp (coders)
    • Inherit the Earth interview (including demoversion)
    • ScummVM 0.8.0 (latest version for Dreamcast)
  • GamePark 32
    • GamePark 32, the developer's handheld! (article by Optimus)
    • GP32 demoscene, where is it? (article by Optimus)
  • DCPlaya (version 2.0 beta)
  • The story behind SHizZLE (statements from Lupin of Team Pokéme)
  • Capitalism influence in free culture (article by ps)
  • Scene demos (demos which can be run right off)
    • Hex Pistols
    • Jenny Thinks
    • One Day Miracle
  • 8- and 16-Bit videogame charts
  • Credits


Beside the artice in the print part of the GEE, the Dreamcast-Scene website also promoted scenedicate at the 2005 edition of The Ultimate Meeting.



You now can download the final release of Scenedicate #1, and burn it to a CDR using BootDreams, CDRecord, Alcohol 120%, or DiscJuggler.