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Rise of the Triad
The Hunt Begins
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 1.0-2a
Downloads Plainfiles
Release Date 03/22/2003
Author Bero
Based on RoTT for Linux
Best Available Port
For this game?
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


RoTT imageRoTT image

The source code to Rise of the Triad was released under the GNU General Public License on 20th of December 2002. On December 22, 2002, Rise of the Triad for Linux was released, and was subsequently ported using SDL for Dreamcast by Bero.

RoTT imageRoTT imageRoTT image


  • REGISTERED/SUPERCD/SITELICENCE run from last plainfiles release. (untested)
  • Disk swap support.
  • Full button support - L/R trigger for strafe, up/down for look, etc.
  • Better mouse support, wheel, etc.
  • Fully playable with joystick .
  • VMU saves, with compression.
  • Sound, and music*, support.
  • No network support.


  • MIDI romdisk - Zipfile - 05/24/2003 (*required for music)
  • Rise of the Triad: Shareware /w Deluxe Edition Levels - via Dcevolution (Ready to burn CDI image)