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Ultimate Doom Title Screen
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version Beta 2.2
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 10/31/02
Author BlackAura
Based on Doom Source (GPL)
Best Available Port
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Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown

nxDoom is a source port of Doom written by BlackAura. To play this you need to insert your own doom .WAD files. We cannot distribute those here, but we can give links to the shareware (demo). nxDoom is based on DoomDC by crt0 and DCGrendel.

NxDoom supports the registered and shareware versions of Doom, The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom. It supports PWADs and DeHackEd patches, but only emulates vanilla Doom's features. It has VMU saving, sound, and music when downloadable music WAD files are used.


  • Support for all versions of Doom
  • Modlist
  • 90% compatable PWAD loader
  • 90% compatable DeHacked 3.0 loader
  • VMU saving
  • All controls mapped to the controller
  • Music using add-on music packs
  • Keyboard and Mouse support
  • Limited BEX strings



  • Digital Pad → Moves the cursor around
  • A → Select - Same as Enter on a PC
  • B → Back - Same as Backspace on a PC
  • X → No - Same as N on a PC
  • Y → Yes - Same as Y on a PC
  • Start → Turn menu off


  • Analog Stick → Walk and Turn
  • L/R Triggers → Strafe left/right
  • Digital Pad → Change weapon
  • A → Fire weapon
  • B → Open door/use switch
  • X → Open door/use switch
  • Y → Toggle Automap
  • Start → Bring up menu


  • Digital Pad → Pan the view
  • A → Zoom in
  • B → Zoom out
  • X → Toggle follow mode
  • Y → Toggle automap
  • Start → Bring up menu

Other Ports

Easily configurable without much time, previous knowledge, or hassle, Doom4DC has the more user friendly setup, and BBA support. It currently does not have full dehacked support, so it is not the best single player option for wads requiring dehacked.



  • Doom Shareware v1.9 - Zipfile
  • Doom 1 XM Music - Zipfile - Rename to 'doom1_xm.wad'.
  • Doom 2 XM Music - Zipfile - Rename to 'doom2_xm.wad'.