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Burning Applications

  • Nero Burning Rom - Burns .nrg images. If your burner supports Nero then you should use it.
  • Alcohol 120% - Burns .cdi images as well as many other formats.
  • Discjuggler - Burns .cdi images. Nicknamed Discmangeler because so many people have problems with it.

Selfboot Kits

  • DC Factory 0.9.5 - This is one of the best tools you can find for your DC, an all in one burning type program that utilizes scripts and auto updates, you can get the latest headlines from dcemu and everything. A must have for Dreamcast burners everywhere.
  • Self Boot Inducer v2.1 - This program will uncompress and build a disc image from .sbi files.
  • Selfboot - A selfboot program by burnerO. It's a merger of Selfboot Buddy & Dir2boot. Small in size & easy to use.
  • DSSBS Final - Disco Stu's Self Boot Solution. This is a popular DOS-based self-booting utility. It's small and easy to use.
  • Ultimate Boot Kit V4.0 Final - This program is very, very easy to use and supports bin2boot (data/data) method and the CDRecord (audio/data) method.
  • The Selfboot Kit Beta 3 - A selfboot kit by Roofus, it will currently create selfbooting CD's for DreamSNES, NesterDC, DCDivx & FreeSCI.
  • Nester & DCGNUboy 4 Dummies - A program put together by Jack_15, this is what he had to say about it: "Well here is the kit I made it is for NesterDC and DcGunuyboy it can uncompress roms that are on .zip and .rar file extensions. you don't have to put any thing in different directories the kit makes them for you!"- Version 2 Uploaded Now
  • QuakeDC Selfboot Kit V1 - A program used to selfboot QuakeDC. It's another proggy from Pinoy2201
  • Dreamboot 1-2 - A selfbooting program called DreamBoot, It has been tried out & it's good & easy to use, so if you've had problems getting programs like DCFactory, DSSBS Final etc. working on your system you might want to give this one a try.

Boot Discs

Various Tools

  • ASPI Layer Fixer - Many people have problems with their burners, such as program not even detecting their burner or even not being able to burn at all. I recommend downloading this and using it if you have problems with any burning application on your system.
  • CDI2Nero - Convert Discjuggler images into Nero format.
  • CDMage - This tool can open a CD image and extract files from it. Useful if there aren't any "plain files" for download.
  • Elf2bin - Converts .elf files into .bin and scrambles/unscrambles bins.
  • DCTool 1.0 - A GUI wrapper for Scramble.exe and sh-elf-objcopy.exe by _kRYPT
  • Pinoy2201's Scrambler - A scrambler/descrambler & elf2bin converter.
  • Jack_15's Simple IP.bin Logo Inserter Beta 3 - An IP.bin logo inserting program.
  • Pinoy2201's Logo Insert - A program that lets you insert your own logo into an IP.BIN.