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Developer: Christophe Thibault - Site

Version: 0.4

Last Updated: 07-21-01

MAMEDC is an attempt to port MAME to the (wonderful) Dreamcast console.


  • Some games work at 100% framerate, others are slower.
  • Supports the following drivers: PacMan, Arkanoid, Super Qix (bootleg), Psychic5, - Pang and Super Pang.
  • More drivers work but they are untested for now.
  • Basic (and buggy) sound support!
  • VERY unoptimized for now
  • James Surine provided working sound support!
  • added Ghosts'n Goblins and Commando drivers
  • now uses the TA hardware for displaying the screen so it's somewhat faster and looks way better
  • zip support added but it doesn't work right so keep on using unzipped roms
  • cd swapping code should be fixed (thanks to James Surine)
  • James also fixed a small bug in the sound code
  • zip support fixed! put all your zipped roms in the /roms/ folder
  • looks like some roms HAVE to be zipped otherwise they won't work
  • added bubble bobble, bombjack & contra drivers!
  • second controller support
  • added double dragon, double dragon 2, mspacman, galaga, 88 games, ikari warriors, gauntlet, gauntlet 2, 1941, ghouls'n ghosts (buggy), final fight (buggy) and strider (buggy) drivers
  • added gamelist scroll as the game list is getting huge :)
  • the auto frameskip sucked so it's now manual
  • more improvements in the graphic code. some drivers (like pang, contra and commando) are noticably faster
  • added progress indicator when loading roms
  • added 3rd button (B) support on the controllers
  • added antialias setting

Screen Shots: Mamedc.jpg Mamedc4.jpg Mamedc5.jpg Mamedc3.jpg Mamedc2.jpg

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