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Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 103000
Downloads Disc Juggler
Release Date 01/06/2000
Author Chuck Mason
Based on Many
Systems Emulated NES
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active No.
Refresh Rate 50Hz / 60Hz

gleam! was the first emulator ever to be released for the Dreamcast. It was created by Chuck Mason. It isn't based on anything, it was made from scratch and has 3 different CPU cores.

gleam! is a working NES emulator; working, in the sense that it is compatible with most games. However, it's been discontinued. Although its source code has been made public, the project has never been picked up again by any other developer. Today, emulators such as NesterDC and NesterDC SE have by far surpassed gleam! in terms of speed and compatibility and should therefore be used.


  • asm cpu core
  • More compatibility (mappers 4, 7, etc. are partially supported).
  • Minor graphics fixes.
  • 2 Player support!
  • Now supports sound
  • Fully interactive setup
  • Option menu with frame skip
  • FULL SCREEN option.
  • Save and Load Support.