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Latest Version 0.6.4
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 05/18/08
Author Walter van Niftrik
Based on FreeSCI
Systems Emulated SCI0 based adventure games
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
No, ScummVM
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown

An interpreter for SIERRA adventure games using Sierra's Creative Interpreter (SCI), ported to Dreamcast by Walter van Niftrik (aka Phantom).

About FreeSCI

Via Wikipedia:
"FreeSCI is an open source engine that can run SCI0 games. FreeSCI works on Linux/Unix, Microsoft Windows, Sega Dreamcast, and GP32."

"An open source program called SCI Studio is available that lets users create games that are based on the SCI0 engine. SCI Studio is designed for Windows. On Linux, using Wine version 20050830, SCI Studio seems to work for editing games, but not for testing or running them. The workaround is to use SCI Studio for development and FreeSCI for game testing."

Supported Games

List from:

  • Leisure Suit Larry 2
  • Leisure Suit Larry 3
  • Police Quest 2
  • King's Quest 4
  • Quest for Glory 1/Hero's Quest
  • Space Quest 3
  • Hoyle's Book of Games
  • The Colonel's Bequest
  • Conquest of Camelot
  • Hoyle's Book of Games 2
  • Codename: Iceman

SCI Studio

Via SCI Studio website:
"Have you ever wanted to make an adventure game like Sierra's King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry or Quest for Glory? Well, now you can!

With SCI Studio, you can create games using the exact same engine Sierra used! If you aren't familiar with SCI Studio, check out the FAQ page."

Via Wikipedia:
"SCI Studio, software intended for creating games that execute using the classic Sierra's Creative Interpreter, was originally the progeny of Brian Provinciano. The software was worked on by Provinciano for many years, but on 25 March 2006 he announced on his website the cessation of work on his part, and released the complete archive of the SCI Studio source-code into the public domain (which contained much progress in the development of the program, which was never before seen in an official release). SCI Studio can also be considered an IDE for SCI Games for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. All games created with SCI Studio run with Sierra's SCI0 Interpreter (SCIV.EXE) and the open source interpreter for Windows/MacOS/Linux/Sega's DreamCast and more, FreeSCI."

Older Versions


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