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The Dreamcast Dump Database


Welcome to Dumpcast--the Sega Dreamcast GD-ROM dump database.

The Dumpcast project was founded in 2007 by darc and az_bont as a project to catalog and preserve all published Dreamcast GD-ROMs. At the time, all Dreamcast emulator users played games on their PCs with hacked MIL-CD versions of games. Dumpcast members began dumping and cataloging GD-ROMs, and soon the GDI format was established by Raziel's nullDC emulator. After ackmed released the highly reliable httpd-ack GD-ROM dumping software, Dumpcast merged its efforts into the much larger TOSEC ISO project. Maddog is currently the maintainer of the Dreamcast branch of TOSEC ISO. Currently, the project has verified over 1,400 GD-ROM dumps, encompassing the entire North American and European game library, as well as much of the Japanese library.

In more recent years, optical drive emulator devices have been created, which allow users to replace their GD-ROM drive with SD card or USB connectors. These devices allow the playback of full GD-ROM dumps on original Dreamcast hardware.

To understand more on the importance of this project, read about the Dreamcast and GD-ROMs.

All of the Dumpcast action takes place on our forum!

Newest datfiles!


Released September 9, 2019!

Download datfiles -- (includes Dreamcast GD-ROM dats only)

Dump-supporting optical drive replacements

The following GD-ROM replacement devices support playing from GD-ROM dumps cataloged by TOSEC:

Dump-supporting Emulators

The following emulators support playing from GD-ROM dumps cataloged by TOSEC:



Linux & Mac OS X:

Dumping-related Tools

clrmamepro -- a ROM/ISO cataloging tool which uses the dat files above

httpd-ack version 20080711 -- a tool for dumping games via the Broadband Adapter. Recommended method for dumping with highest reliability and many options.

CDmage -- use this to verify your images' integrity using the error correction data

dc-load-ip - run this on the Dreamcast to launch code from a PC using the Broadband Adapter (e.g. to run the now-outdated BBRip)

Echelon Selfboot Toolkit - a tutorial and tools for selfbooting non-selfbooting files to MIL-CDs for use on a Dreamcast

hack4.exe - used to binhack Dreamcast binaries. Contains several binhacking functions

GD hacking tools - several binhacking tools (cdda.exe, dahack.exe, hack3.exe)

ip2post - copy game information from IP.BIN, IP0000.BIN, track01.iso, track03.iso, track01.bin, or track03.bin to a postable text file.

ipbin2win - View and alter IP.BIN information

makesort - Convert ISOBuster File List data to cdrecord sort file format.