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Prototype Dreamcast

Prophet][ - 27th November 2004

Here are some prototype Dreamcasts that were designed in the concept stage of Dreamcast development. These were originally printed in a Japanese gaming magazine.


HWProtoDC1.jpg Well, I don't know what Sega were thinking with this design. This is a really strange design that looks like it belongs under the bonnet of my car and not on my desk.
Looking more like the final design this seems to almost have a Saturn feel to it. A bit too cubic for my liking though. HWProtoDC2.jpg
HWProtoDC3.jpg Looking even more like the final design, looks more stylish than the last more square design.
This is a working prototype, the 1st and 6th controller ports don't do anything apparently and could have just been for debugging purposes. HWProtoDC4.jpg