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Homepage None
Latest Version 0.1
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date Unknown
Author nymus
Type of game Tetris Clone
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


Via ReadMe:
"BlockDrop is a tetris-like game by me, nymus

It is my first game on DC and my very first complete programming project of any kind. Due to this fact, it may have a few bugs, but the current build (which I will call 0.1) is very much playable.

There might be a small bug when you try to rotate a block that's close to the edge of the screen, but I think it adds to the challenge."


  • DPAD_LEFT: move block left
  • DPAD_RIGHT: move block right
  • DPAD_DOWN: move block down (if you want to speed things up)
  • BUTTON_A: rotate block


  • 0.1 - Plain Files - Unknown release date
  • 0.1 - SBI - Unknown release date

Author's Note

"The backgrounds are from my favorite Dreamcast game: Soul Calibur
(All that material is (c) Namco and should be used with discretion, may not be sold for profit etc, etc,. If it is wrong to use them, please let me know)"