Aleph One

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Aleph One
Marathon 2: Durandal
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 0.12.0
Downloads Plainfiles
Nero Image
Release Date 10/10/2002
Author Bero
Based on Aleph One/SDL
Best Available Port
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Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


Aleph One is an Open Source 3D first-person shooter game, based on the game Marathon 2 by Bungie Software, and was ported to the Dreamcast by Bero.

Unfortunately, the port was left in an early stage, so it doesn't support Dreamcast specific features like - joystick control, VMU saving, etc.


  • A keyboard is required to play.
  • No VMU save support.
  • The original Marathon 1 data files are not compatible with Aleph One, but Raul Bonilla and the M1A1 team have made an excellent conversion called M1A1.