Age of the Beast

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Age of the Beast
AgeOfTheBeast01 p.gif
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version N/A
Downloads N/A
Release Date TBA
Author Senile Team
Type of game Beat'em up
Active Yes
Refresh Rate N/A

Senile Team's next Dreamcast project will be a swords & sorcery beat'em up game. Age of the Beast will be the spiritual successor of their first production, Beats of Rage, but with all original graphics and an entirely rewritten, overhauled game engine.


The game entered development as downloadable freeware just like BOR however a Special commercial edition with Dreamcast-exclusive extra levels & characters was announced in 2006 at the MidWest Gaming Classic, in an interview with us on 9th September 2010 Senile Team announced the freeware version has been cancelled, attributed reasons inclueded the evolution of the openBOR engine and the growing complexity of the AOTB engine with more specific features.

Confirmed Features

  • Up to 4 players simultaneously
  • Support for wide-screen TV sets as well as normal ones
  • 4 heroes (+ additional secret characters)
  • Moves per character: ~40 (!)
  • Max. animations per character: ~100
  • True-colour graphics
  • Alpha blending and other graphical effects
  • Animated backgrounds
  • Original character designs
  • 16-bit, 44100 KHz stereo soundtrack
  • All-new, original soundtrack composed by Ben "Black Device" Boahene
  • Moddable engine will be released as freeware, so expect many free mods!
  • Platforms: Dreamcast, PC, PlayStation 2, most likely GP2x and Xbox, and maybe more!
  • Age of the Beast will be Open Source (GPL) software


Early Screens from AOTB.

AgeOfTheBeast02 p.png AgeOfTheBeast05 p.png AgeOfTheBeast03 p.png