The different types of Doom?

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The different types of Doom?

Post by Veggita2099 » Thu Feb 07, 2002 6:09 am

Im not sure, and apparently a lot of people are slightly confused about different versions of Doom. Maybe somebody can shed some light on it? To my understanding they are:

Doom 1 (has the 3 episodes)
Doom 2 (Doom 2)
Ultimate Doom (Has the first 3 episodes, then a 4th episode which I found boreing)
Final Doom (????)
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Post by twendel316 » Thu Feb 07, 2002 7:15 am

Doom 1 (Known as the Shareware version): Episode 1
Doom (Known as the Registered version): Episodes 1-3
Doom 2 (All new levels): Levels 1-32
French Doom (Same as Doom 2 but missing Nazi stuff - I need this WAD!): Levels 1-32
Ultimate Doom (Re-release of Doom + new episode): Episodes 1-4
Final Doom (This group *whoever they are* made 2 new 32 level WADS compatiable with Doom 2 and was released commerically by iD software): TNT Levels 1-32 Plutonia 1-32

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