here began here will end

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here began here will end

Post by legit nyck » Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:17 pm

I started playing the dreamcast pso V1 just before the close of Server Sega played a little over one month
then spent three years playing my dreamcast in OFFLINE mode
in 2008 I started playing again but ONLINE
I started playing in 2009 and stayed that way until PsOBB one month Ago
but now no more for me psoBB
tried to play PSU and hated everything (totally unfit for pso)
I am now back to psoV2 where it all began and where it will end one day I stop will be here for psoV2
from now on to other servers I will not be online
but all this has a real sense psov2 is a much more difficult than psobb
I will try to bring my friends pro psov2 but although I do not believe much will come because they do not accept start playing without their precious items LOL
nonsense in my opinion because I am leaving to bring all the items I have it RR Mag piooner and many other items XD
this is good from now on if I prepare to return home to play until I hehehehehe callous fingers
Thanks tho Sylverant for bring back life to psoV2
PSO Info:
( HUmar legit nyck Lv 51 Via :Dreamcast Ver.1 *inactive)
( HUcast KIREEK Lv 46 Via : Dreamcast Ver.1)
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