DC PSO v1, no serial number

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Re: DC PSO v1, no serial number

Post by BlueCrab » Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:03 pm

retrojaner wrote:Sorry. Then I misunderstood the list of legitimate client modifications:
Aleron Ives' Enhancement Pack (for PSODC and PSOPC) -- so long as you pass the legit check.
I wanted to optimize only the load times and the disc drive a little relieve.
One can apply the enhancement pack without pirating the game (for instance if one was to dump his or her own copy of the game and apply it to the resulting image).

I understand the feeling of wanting to optimize load times, but the rules of the forum are the rules. I'm sure if you can find Ives' EP, you'd be easily able to find an image of the game if that's the route you wish to take. :wink:
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