REDUX: Dark Matters - Interview with Rene Hellwig

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REDUX: Dark Matters - Interview with Rene Hellwig

Post by Christuserloeser » Mon May 14, 2012 7:46 am



REDUX: Dark Matters is the upcoming Dreamcast game by René Hellwig (NG:DEV.TEAM) and KTX Software. It's basically a remake of the original DUX from 2009. While it's planned for release on Steam/XBLA and PSN, a Dreamcast version is being worked on as well. Preorders can be made via Kickstarter, a first for a Dreamcast project.

How long have you been working on REDUX? When DUX was finished did you already have had plans for a successor ?

We've been working on REDUX for about five months now. REDUX isn't what I would consider a real successor but more of a remake, so we were pretty much done in no time. Still, we did put a lot of effort into the project to ensure the best possible result. DUX had a clean futuristic style, for REDUX we aimed for a darker, dirtier look á la Blade Runner. That's why we chose "Dark Matters" as subtitle for the game.
All the game's graphics got new, more detailed textures. Especially a stage like Level 3 (Material Mine) is a good example of what we tried to accomplish and really does shine now.

Does playability in REDUX differ from that in DUX ? - What are they key differences ?

Even if it's basically a remake, playability differs a lot. The gameplay is more balanced, fairer. There's just a lot more to it than in DUX. Like I already mentioned, graphics have been completely redesigned. Same goes for the scoring system. In REDUX the player's ship can generate a force field around itself, trapping enemies inside. There's a laser attack á la Ikaruga or RayForce allowing you to blow away larger enemy formations much faster. You collect orbs and gold for things like that.
Both DUX 1.5 and REDUX offer custom controls now, so the users can adjust the controls the way they like.

DUX 1.5 will be included to the Limited Editon of REDUX. Will DUX 1.5 be a bug fix only release or are there more changes ?

There are. Gameplay is much fairer and Andre Neumann even composed a completely new soundtrack for 1.5. DUX 1.5 isn't just better, it also sounds better.

Why Kickstarter ? Weren't you happy with the scene's support ?

We are happy, but Kickstarter allows you to reach more fans much faster. A lot of indie developers use it already, and I think even more will do so in the future. Kickstarter also provides the supporters with a lot of security as the money will not be charged until the project is successfully realized.

The OST says „featuring Chris Huelsbeck“ on its cover - Is Chris Huelsbeck involved in this project?

Chris contributed a remix to the OST, and it turned out really really great! You can hear a small excerpt in the trailer (when the casing is shown). He obviously did put a lot of effort into it and the result turned out very well - as you'd expect from a living legend like him.

Are you using KallistiOS? If so, how would you rate KOS? Are you satisfied with it? (if not, what are you using instead?)

We did use KallistiOS in the past. It's OK but it does have its weaknesses. We won't use it for REDUX but in general we do recommend it for indie developers. For REDUX we are using a more powerful tool we're developing in-house.

In our forums people were speculating as to whether you are going to use REDUX to leave the Dreamcast scene and switch focus to XBLA/Steam/PSN. - Will you be supporting Dreamcast in the future ?

Aside of GUNLORD ( see ) there will be further NG:DEV.TEAM games for NeoGeo and Dreamcast. - I would like to highlight that REDUX is not developed by NG:DEV.TEAM. It's a game developed by KTX Software and myself.

Support the game via Kickstarter here: ... t?ref=card
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Re: REDUX: Dark Matters - Interview with Rene Hellwig

Post by cube_b3 » Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:36 am

So basically you can't buy Redux or Dux 1.5 if you did not participate in the Kickstarter.
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