SDL Scavenger 1.45

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SDL Scavenger 1.45

Post by Stryfe » Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:52 pm

I had not published anything new (beware, that does not mean that things do not Dreamcast hehehe). So I opened the trunk of the unfinished ports, and with you I present to Scavenger.

SDL Scavenger is a 2-D style game Lode Runner (to collect objects and escape the bad guys). The SDL is an update of the original XScavenger but with more levels, and less bugs :)

Do not get bored because it has a whopping 197 levels. Scavenger can be found in many systems: PC (Win, Unix ...), GP2X, Pandora, Maemo, HOOPS ...

Features of the port:
- Compatible with SD and VMU.
- IMPORTANT: save size is increasing (as it is saved videos of your performance. Initially, takes about 37 blocks!).

- Not included level editor. However, you can recompile the game with new levels :)
- Off the saved screenshots.
- Recommended to use a keyboard, there are more options to explore.

You will find the download at Downloads -> IberDC. It includes the game and compiled (binary), the source code and version of Windows (32 bits). And it works nullDC luxury, so what are you waiting? : D

PS: Thank Neoblast, which also helped me in carrying out the port!
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Downloads can be found HERE ('Descargar').
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