AES4ALL/NEO4ALL: New Neo-Geo emulator releases

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AES4ALL/NEO4ALL: New Neo-Geo emulator releases

Post by Stryfe » Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:59 pm

Chui has released new updates to his already very great AES4ALL, and NEO4ALL, emulator lines.
Chui wrote:Sorry the long delay, but I have a good news: A new release of NeoGeo emulators AES4ALL and NEO4ALL for Dreamcast and Dingoo (legacy Dingux).

Now, AES4ALL has SD-Card support (yes, MMU using SD instead CD is more fast, so more playable for large NeoGeo roms) and fixes Yamaha timmings:

NEO4ALL can load ISOs from SD-Card too but there are not CDDA tracks for now:

About Dingoo, runs same speed using a bit of overclock.

Okay. Maybe this was a couple months back, but I haven't loaded up my DC in a while. :mrgreen:

Downloads can be found in the quoted link. Don't forget to stop by the DCEmulation, or DCEMU, forums to give feedback, or to thank Chui.

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