pokemini 0.5.1 released

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pokemini 0.5.1 released

Post by Stryfe » Thu Dec 29, 2011 10:08 pm

Lastest version: 0.5.1 - December 18, 2001

Portable homebrew-emulator for Pokémon-Mini.

0.5.x features a debugger and "sync cycles" option which allow improving performance (at cost of accuracy) along with many other features, improvements and new platforms


Please note that the emulator still in alpha phase.

Note for Linux users: Debugger have GTK+ and SDL dependencies.

Available platforms

Windows (Debugger)
Linux (Debugger)
Windows (Native)
Windows (SDL)
Linux (SDL)
Nintendo DS
PlayStation Portable
GP2x Wiz
Dingoo (Dingux)

Available tools

Color Mapper v1.2
PokeMini Image Converter v1.0
PokeMini Music Converter v1.0
PokeMini Libraries for Pokémon-Mini (MIT Licence)
FreeBIOS v1.3

Tools are available in debugger package, FreeBIOS is available in source code

Information about platforms

Windows/Linux SDL

Use Left and Right on ROM selection to page

Note for Windows users: Use C+Left / C+Right on ROM selection to change drives

"Escape" key will enter/exit the menu

To exit the emulator either close the window or select "Exit" inside the menu. Alt+F4 is also implemented in 0.5.x

Native / Windows GUI

The platform code was completely rewritten and now is working again!

Features Force-Feedback support and stretchable window

PlayStation Portable

Good speed emulation, increasing "sync cycles" has no effect.

"Generated" sound engine only


Good speed emulation, increasing "sync cycles" has low effect.

"Generated" sound engine only

Nintendo DS

Slow emulation, increase "sync cycles" to speed up emulation speed.

"Generated" sound engine only

GP2x Wiz

Full speed emulation.

Dingoo (Dingux)

Not tested, I don't own the Hardware.

Lastest Changes

0.5.1 Changes

Relative files are now launched from current directory

Fixed notification message display in 32bpp

Added 50% Scanline LCD filter

New Tools (Available in Debugger package):

PokeMini Image Converter

PokeMini Music Converter

Debugger only:

F1 shortcut for documentation

Improved external launcher

IRQ Window "Frames in single-row" initialization fixed

Minimized windows won't be rendered now

Added "Character Set -> From file..." in Memory viewer

Added "Memory data" in Memory viewer with Import, Export, Copy and Fill operations.

Win32 Only: Fixed DirectDraw surface pitch

About Pokémon-Mini games with colors

This was an experiment of how to add colors information into roms while remaining 100% compability, the real system doesn't support colors, only the emulator can display the extra information.

For full documentation check the documentation provided with the debugger package.

Extra notes

Check readme.txt for more information.
Download (Plain Files)
Homebrew Compatibility List
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