"It's all right, Sonic." Soothed the Psychiatrist.

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"It's all right, Sonic." Soothed the Psychiatrist.

Post by mankrip » Sat Jul 30, 2016 8:24 am

"… Please, continue."

Sonic's stomach was in knots, as if it was eating itself. He didn't feel guilt, no. He felt pity for himself. He had stooped too low. He had dove too deep. The recanting of his tale was reminiscent of a traumatic experience for him, simply because of embarrassment. Yet, he forged. Why? Closure. It was closure he sought, he was unfulfilled at the moment and needed the advice of a professional. He continued.

"No! You can't be serious!"

"I'm sorry ma'am. But I'm sure. The tests were pretty clear."

"But there has to be a mistake, I mean, test him again!"

"Look ma'am, you must have seen signs his whole life. This can't be too surprising. I'm sorry but the tests don't lie. Your son has Asperger's syndrome."

The sperg, Seryyturd, showed his friends the conversation, but he cut out the parts that made him look bad. It was the saddest thing that Sonic had seen. He showed up to the autistic fuck's house and told him he was a piece of shit. The sperghead then slammed the door in his face, preventing Sonic from talking to him ever again. But the next day, Sonic was over the matter. He met a lady at a bar, she was ugly and Sonic, horny and drunk. He took her to her home. He then fucked her brains out. As the intense fornication cooled, the two spooned.

"Ahhh," Said Sonic "A sperg thrashing and a fuck, what a great day."

"Sperg? Like Aspergers? My son has that."

"Oh, yeah? What's his name?


Sonic's face went white.

"So you see Doc, that's why I feel like this. I made fun of an Asperger's kid."

"Well Sonic, if you feel this badly-"

"No!" Interjected the hog. "I don't feel bad! I'm just embarrassed! I mean, I stooped so low as to makes fun of a retard!"

"Oh. Well in that case, get over it."

Sonic left the building.

Wait! He thought. I forgot! He's still a pretentious asshole! I can't treat him differently just because he's mentally disabled! Fuck him!

Sonic laughed, feeling much better.

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Re: "It's all right, Sonic." Soothed the Psychiatrist.

Post by Eviltaco64X » Sun Dec 17, 2017 8:26 am

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