-=[Rules and Guidelines | Updated 7/27/03]=-

This forum is where you can show off your art, such as emulator software skins, DVD and CD covers; or discuss other art-related topics.
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Soul Sold for DCEmu
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-=[Rules and Guidelines | Updated 7/27/03]=-

Post by pixel » Sun Jul 21, 2002 10:15 pm

Rules and Guidelines
New and improved for your chewing pleasure!

General Rules
1. Obviously, all rules of the DCEmu Forums apply
2. pixl and No Name hate stupidity. We will lock/edit any post that is blatently reeking of stupidity. We will make you look even more stupid than before. You have been warned :twisted:
3. No nudity, drugs, or other illict material. Let's keep it clean for kids and adult with sick minds :wink:
4. No racism or bigotry. Please refer to rule #2, it applies to this too.
5. No digging up ancient posts (anything after page 2). If you have a solution to someone's question, please private message them. I doubt though that they need it anymore if it really old.
6. Insulting anyone because of their artistic ability / use of filters is not allowed.

Signature Guidelines by Nyar
Due to recent abuse of the sig system, we have now set guidelines for all sigs on the forum.

Dimensions can be no greater than 520 x 112 and 30k in filesize.

If you do not comply with these requirements your signature, rank and avatar can and will be removed until you are deemed to not break the rules regarding sigs in future.

If you see someone with a sig that breaches these guidelines DO NOT confront them about it directly. Please instead PM an Admin or Moderator and it will be removed.

If you find yourself with the following sig:
DO NOT replace it with another sig that does not meet these requirements or you risk being BANNED.

Those of you who have sigs exceeding these requirements pelase be aware you have 24 hours to change them before they are removed.

Guidelines for Image Size
Thanks to NeonGenesis for this lil perl of wisdom
If any one of these guidelines apply to an image you're posting, please include a [Large] moniker to your thread title for those kids on dial-up, they're people too! :D
1. If the file size is more than 65k
2. If the image size is more than 625 px x 465 px
This would exclude sigs, although my personal belief (adopted from Neon's infamious sig thread) is that sigs shouldn't be bigger than 625 px wide and 300 px tall

Artist's Rights
All material posted in this forum are the result of someone's hard work. Please don't take things and plagarize. Also ask before taking and editing anything, it's the polite thing to do. :D

Image Battles
Kudos to Venom for introducing DCEmu to this sport!
The thread creator will provide a source image for everyone to build off of. Then one person will continue and edit it and repost it, after which someone else takes the second person's image and edits it. This continues until the thread dies out or someone stops it.

Two or more people face each other. There aren't any standard rules for this.

Anyone can (and is invited) to start an image battle thread and create any little rules you want. If you have any suggestions for things to add in this suggestion, zip em over to any of us art mods.

If you have any questions concerning this thread, please contact one of the Art Moderators
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