MAME4all Beta 1 - Compatibility List

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MAME4all Beta 1 - Compatibility List

Post by Stryfe » Sun Jan 11, 2009 5:41 pm

This is something I started a few months ago and never finished, so I thought I'd put it up anyways.

I used this site to verify which roms were in MAME set 0.35 or older, so any reference to "all versions" means any in 0.35 or older.

I used ClearMamePro with a 0.35 dat to verify the roms.
Old Dat Files

I ran them through as "Non-Merged Sets" despite Chui's site recommending "Merged Sets", for better variety.
I used the emulators naming system to report compatibility, so visit this site to find the ROM's zip name.

Pay attention to dependencies for ROMs, because there are Master/Clone relationships between certain ROMs. Even if the "Master" rom isn't in the 0.35 set, it'll need to be manually added to the "clone's" game zip.

These Work: If you get a "Bad Hardware" message, try changing the display option for that game.
Game Name/Game Versions/Any notes will be added after a dash "-".

4D Warriors
Alien Syndrome - added all clone rom sets
Altered Beast (US) - added roms from master set. (Wasn't needed in MAME4all alpha 2)
Arkonoid - Revenge of Doh
Astro Blaster (Ver 1)
Astro Fighter (Set 2)
Bad Dudes vs Dragonninja
Bionic Commando (Set 1), (Set 2)
Black Dragon
Black Tiger
Bobble Bobble
Bubble Bobble
Burger Time (Midway)
Buster Bros (US)
Commando (US), (World)
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (World)
Captain Commando (World), (JP)
Contra (All versions) - Slightly slow
Donkey Kong (US), (JP)
Donkey Kong Jr. (US)
Double Dragon (U-BL), (JP) - Slow
Double Dragon 2 (US-BL) - Slow
Exerion (Taito)(Set 2)
Gaplus (All versions)
Gaunlet (2P)
Ghouls N Ghosts (All versions)
Ghosts N Goblins (All versions)
Knights of the Round (World)
Last Duel (BL)
Legendary Wings (US), (Set 1), (Set 2)
Majic Sword (All versions)
Major Havoc (Return to Vax)
Mario Bros. (US)
Missile Command (US)
Mercs (World), (Japan)
Mega Force
Midnight Resistance
Nemo (US), (JP)
Pacman (Midway), (Namco)
Pang 3 (JP)
P.O.W. (US), (JP)
Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (World)
Quiz & Dragons (US), (JP)
Satan's Hollow
Star Wars
Street Fighter 2 (All regular vers) - Recommend 80/80 clock speeds
Street Fighter 2 (Turbo/ Hyper) - Recommend 90/90 clock speed
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (UK-2P), (US-4P)
Tower of Druaga
The Empire Strikes Back
The Punisher (World)
Warrior of Fate (US)
Willow (U), (JP)
Wizard of Wor

These Don't Work: (ROM) or (BIOS initialization) errors

Double Dragon (U)
Galaga (All versions)
Guerilla War
Ikari Warriors (All versions)
Knights of the Round (JP)
Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition (All versions)
Xevious (All versions)

These Don't Work: These crash the emulator. (Mostly due to insufficient memory.)
Aero Fighters
Alien Storm
ASO Armored Scrum Object
Dark Seal
Gals Panic
Megaman/Rockman: Power Battles
Ninja Gaiden/Shadow Warriors
Slam Masters/Muscle Bomber Duo


Analog Stick Controls:
↑ - Reset game
← - Tap = Pause, Hold = Back to Menu
↓ - N/A
→ - Add credit
Start - Start

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