Region Changer 1.5

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Re: Region Changer 1.5

Post by mathieulh » Tue Mar 03, 2009 4:57 pm

Is the region changer open source ? For people who have the goal of flashing the HKT-0120 bios (or in my case a patched version of it with mil-cd + region free support) People should know that the HKT-0120 bios actually looks in the flash at 0x0001A000 and if the bit is set to 30 (which creates the first 0 of the 00XYZDreamcast ASCII string (for the region)) then it refuses to boot. I do not know why such a check is there and I have yet to figure how to nop it.

An easy fix would just be to overwrite the 0x30 to 0xFF so I am wondering if the sources are available so I can overwrite this bit on the flash with some blank value (this does not affect the retail bios behaviour at all)

I will look for the check in the bios later to see if I can nop it.

UPDATE: Nevermind that, I got the check dealt with.

Also thanks for the help Link83 provided with his bios.

I will see with him if I can provide details on some of the changes that I have done on the bios.
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Re: Region Changer 1.5

Post by cvgs » Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:17 am

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