Replacing Dreamcast fan with modern part?

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Replacing Dreamcast fan with modern part?

Post by sramdi » Sun May 17, 2015 7:24 pm

I was looking at replacing the aging stock fan in my DC and started looking at finding a modern part.

My original fan is a Panasonic UDQFHAB05F, .08A 5v 9716 (attached is the info from the spec sheet).
Original DC part
origdc.PNG (116.15 KiB) Viewed 1963 times
Original DC fan specs
The closest drop-in replacement I could find was the Copal Electronics Inc F310RF-05LB, 3-wire 5v 0.070A (also attached). I ordered the part from Digikey.
newfan.PNG (20.13 KiB) Viewed 1963 times
The original fan was wired red/blue/orange and the new fan is red/black/yellow. I'm assuming blue/black is GND and orange/yellow is the tach (speed) sensor.

The DC powers up successfully and the fan is spinning as expected once a game loads. My test game (PSO) plays properly. However, the system shuts the video off after I initiate a save. The VMU display still shows the game-related content and the system seems to be running, though I can't tell because there is no video. My feeling is the system must be shutting off because I've wired the fan incorrectly, or the system detects the mA draw is too low when the system is under load, or the RPM is too low when the system is under load. Unfortunately I don't know enough about the hardware to know.

Any suggestions or other things I'm not considering. My original fan is still running well, but I'm assuming that at some point it will die and I'll need to find a modern part for it.

Suggestions/info/insight are appreciated.
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