Sega Dreamcast Modem Adapter/Custom?

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Sega Dreamcast Modem Adapter/Custom?

Post by Tymek » Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:56 pm

This must be a foolish question but it's still worth a shot:
Does anyone know where one could get a Broadband Adapter for cheap(ish)?

And, out of plain curiosity:
What's the cheapest you've paid for a Broadband Adapter?

Now to the Custom part of the topic:
Do custom-made/3rd party Broadband Adapters exist for the Dreamcast?

I saw that someone is making a custom Broadband Adapter but that seems undo-able, too time consuming, and rather unreliable
In my possesion:

C.A.R.D. Revolution (Gamecube)

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Re: Sega Dreamcast Modem Adapter/Custom?

Post by BlueCrab » Thu Dec 04, 2014 11:29 pm

About the only place you'll find them is on eBay. Sometimes, if you're careful, you can find them in with lots of consoles and games -- if the people don't know what they have is valuable, they don't list it separately. Most of the time, if you find it in with a lot, then it'll end up going cheaper. Of course, these types of things are getting rarer and rarer to have happen (I think I've only noticed two such incidents in the past two years, both of which went for under $100 for the whole lot). :wink:

I paid $60 for a BBA, which was graciously sold to me by a former member of the IRC channel. He sold it to me at the same cost he bought it at (I believe he was the original owner of it).

There are no working custom BBAs that have been released. There have been attempts in that general direction, some of which have gotten decently far, but there haven't been any actual custom-made BBAs. The LAN Adapter has been successfully cloned, but that's not of any use for playing PSO (which is what I assume you're wanting a BBA for). I wouldn't necessarily expect any BBA clones to come on the market any time soon either, and if they did, I wouldn't expect them to be particularly cheaper than buying a BBA off of eBay.
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